8 Self-Control Tips College Students Should Embrace

Often times, we find ourselves fighting against ourselves, especially when we are working on a certain project. Well, that’s normal and it’s the reason why you need to learn self-control.

Every college student needs self-control in order to make the right choices that will help them in future. Study shows that students who embrace self-control enjoy their lives and often experience massive success.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to decide between working out and watching TV. Hence, it is advisable that you have a positive mindset. It all starts with the way you set your mind to understand things. Prioritize on the most important tasks that lead to great progress.

Study also shows that those who have self-control are able to make productive choices faster. It’s hard to find them engaging in activities that negatively affect their goals. Yes, they are happy with their lives because they make productive choices and don’t let feelings or impulses rule their choices.

The good news is that you also have the power to rule your life by learning self-control.

Forgive yourself

It is okay to make mistakes every once in a while. And it’s okay to forgive yourself. It is important to understand that you can sometimes fall short even with all of your well-laid plan and best intentions.

Just keep moving forward because even if you try hard to stay clean, you will stil experience dismal failures and great success. Yes, you will have ups and downs. And that should not discourage you. Instead, it should make you stronger.

If you fail, understand what made you fail and move on. Focus on the future progress and don’t let yourself get wrapped up in frustration, anger or guilt. Learn from your mistakes and be careful not to repeat the same mistakes. Keep your head up and focus on your goals.

Reward yourself

It is advisable that you do something that will excite you or reward yourself when you overcome a certain challenge. This way, you will give yourself motivation to work harder and succeed in whatever you do.

After rewarding yourself, you can go ahead and look for another goal to accomplish then look for another awesome reward. Trust me; this will keep you focused on your goals and you will always be obsessed with accomplishing the goals you set. Yes, anticipation is powerful. It gives you something to focus on and obsess over.

Create a backup plan

Backup plans come in handy when your original plan fails. In fact, psychologists use ‘implementation intention’ technique to boost willpower. When you are working on a difficult goal that may come with a lot of challenges, then it is important that you create a plan for it.

Having an effective plan in place will help you overcome the situation. You will also save yourself time that you would rather spend creating a sudden or new plan.

Maintain a good health

Your health always comes first. Hence, you should eat healthy and exercise regularly to maintain a good health. It is advisable that you fuel up with regular meals and healthy snacks to keep your health in check.

Did you know that self-discipline is required in all areas, including relationships, work, exercise, and diet? For example, your brain doesn’t function well and your ability to concentrate suffers when you are hungry. Research has proven that low blood sugar often makes people pessimistic and grumpy since it weakens a person’s resolve. The irritated, annoyed, angry sensation you get when you’re hungry may negatively affect your overall productivity.

Embrace new habits

Although it may be hard and daunting to embrace new habits, working on your new habits is one of the best ways to acquire self-control. It is advisable that you put things in control to avoid intimidation. At first, take baby steps then you can work on improving your goals. Start with small goals that will eventually lead to big goals.

For example, start by preparing a bag lunch a night before, if you are planning to eat healthier meals. You can start by waking up 10 minutes before the time you set to wake up if you intend to get up early. Start by working out 15 or 20 minutes a day if you are trying to get in shape. Focus on doing one thing consistently instead of trying to change everything at once. Consider breaking your goal into small, doable steps.

Improve your self-control

There is no one who came to this earth with strong self-control skills – it is something that we learn gradually. You will need to practise daily and consistently. The focus and effort that self-control need is tremendous and can sometimes be tiring.

Work on building your self-discipline through daily diligence. As much as it may be challenging to accomplish some goals, you need to improve your self-control.

 Have great goals

It is crucial that you know the things you should accomplish in order to achieve self-control. Please take note that it’s easy to get sidetracked or lose your way if you don’t know where you are heading to. You must have a clear understanding of what success entails to you.

Create a mantra to keep yourself focused. Determine who you are and know your responsibilities as a student. Having a clear plan will help you be accountable for the steps you make. Successful people know the importance of this technique. In fact, they use it to overcome challenges daily.

Understand your weakness

Everyone has a weakness. Whether it is spending much time watching TV shows, playing video games, snacks like chocolate chip cookies or potato chips, they come with negative effects that may hinder our goals.

Understanding your weakness is the first step towards building self-discipline. Whatever they may be, it is advisable that you acknowledge your shortcomings.

Often times, people either try to cover up any pitfalls in their lives or try to pretend their vulnerabilities don’t exist. However, that shouldn’t be the case. You can’t overcome your shortcomings unless you own up to them.

Written by JobTeaser


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