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Sparkers, what is it?

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Sparkers - your entertainment data companion

Sparkers helps companies make smart data-based decisions fast

We deliver Market insights, Product tracking and Custom solutions exclusively to the Entertainment Industry. We do this by measuring Sales and Streaming Audiences like no other.

We collect, format and report on all entertainment related sales and behavior in over 50 countries worldwide. Thanks to our platform Ember, huge amounts of relevant data become manageable.

Built on state-of-the-art tech, our all-in-one platform collects, fills gaps, qualifies, enriches and visualizes all the data the client needs – and even anticipates changes.

Today from Brussels, Sydney, Paris, London, Moscow and Madrid...

but who knows where we will set foot next tomorrow?

Ember may be our beating heart, yet it would not be Ember without Sparkers: us, the people, that make Ember become relevant, insightful and exciting. So if you want to be that crucial link between data and our clients, you’d have to be a people person too.

Got bright ideas? Energy? A drive to shake things up?

We’re growing fast, and looking for new colleagues.

How is it to work at Sparkers?

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