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At Dr. Oetker, we are passionate about bringing people together.

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Bielefeld, Germany

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Since our beginnings in 1891, we remained true to our origins as a family business. Inspired by our rich heritage, we are committed to our people, consumers, the environment, and society. A strong commitment to a common purpose has always been a driver for us. That’s because bringing people together and creating a taste of home is at the heart of everything we do.

Dr. Oetker ranks among the leading food manufacturers in Europe, with 17,000 employees worldwide in more than 40 countries. As a global team with diverse backgrounds, we are united by our will to make a difference. We think long-term, cross-generational, and resource-saving, endeavoring to minimize our environmental footprint and preserve the world for future generations. From baking products to desserts, snacks to pizzas, we provide a wide range of food offerings to meet the tastes and needs of people around the world. 

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