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Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Waters is now one of largest companies in the analytical science industry, supporting scientists working in laboratories all over the world. With a hard-earned reputation for applications expertise and post-sales support, Waters stands out among its peers and, year after year is one of the best-performing companies in the industry.

Whether at work discovering new pharmaceuticals, inventing new and more effective ways to treat diseases, assuring the safety of the world’s food and drinking water supplies, monitoring and controlling pollution, or conserving the world’s greatest art treasures, scientists worldwide rely on Waters’ liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry products.

As the leader in analytical technology innovation, we at Waters believe in the science of what’s possible – the idea that there is no challenge that science can’t help us solve. Every day, we work with scientists in more than 150 countries from all levels of industry and government to better understand their challenges and develop the tools they need to succeed.

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FAQ – JobTeaser asks the questions for you

  • What makes your company a great place to work for young talents?

    We have an established entry level talent program including an annual summer internship program and also rotational graduate level opportunities globally.

  • Is it possible to progress to a full-time position after an internship or apprenticeship?

    Yes, there can be opportunities for an internship or apprenticeship to be converted into a full-time role.

  • Can students and recent graduates work remotely?

    We operate a hybrid working model and would expect interns and entry level talent to be on-site for some of the working week.

  • Do you have any particularly busy recruitment periods throughout the year?

    No, but we are interviewing for our summer internship program in Q1 2024.

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