Game Producer (or Assistant) in an early stage fast growing history card-based auto-battler game

Internship 4 to 6 months




Published on June 13, 2024

  • Contract

    Internship 4 to 6 months

  • Location


  • Start date

    As soon as possible

  • Study level

    Master level or equivalent

  • Remote working

    Not specified

Do you believe we need more healthy and sustainable game studios that value the team making the game and the gamers they make it for and put the people first? We are nothing without our crew, our exceptional dedicated team that is committed to being a positive player in game development, an endeavor we are expanding on. We see the biggest cause behind the failed game project being related to the lack of vision and execution of it.

About us
Welcome to GAMUCATEX - the indie startup fueled by a burning passion to weave history into enchanting gaming experiences! While our heart is in Copenhagen, our diverse team spans the entire globe. We are passionate about history and games, and you'll definitely have the opportunity to learn everything you're willing to know with us. We thrive on collaboration, creativity, innovation, and pure passion. Always ready to lend a hand, we're dedicated to crafting games that resonate and invite you to cozy up for an evening of entertainment. 🎮 Join us on this epic journey where gaming meets history!

About our game
Tectonicus: on the edge of war, synthesizes mechanics of turn-based strategies, auto-battlers and card games. To succeed, you are to use strategic thinking when placing heroes, commanders and units on the board, as well as building synergic decks that emphasize each faction's unique strengths.

Apart from online and local PvP battles, Tectonicus will be featuring a full-scale story mode. The player will be called to restore the historical truth lost in contradicting accounts and theories, rewritten history and scholars' disputes, by reincarnating significant battles and living through them as warlords, across centuries.

About your department
As a producer you will both be in the Business Department and our Game Design Department. The Game Design department is the creative heart of our company, where innovative ideas come to life. We are a tight-knit team of designers and storytellers dedicated to crafting engaging and immersive gaming experiences. Collaboration and creativity drive our projects, and every team member plays a pivotal role in shaping our games. As part of this dynamic environment, you'll contribute to developing unique and memorable content that captivates players worldwide. Our Business Department is the strategic engine that powers our success. We are a dedicated team focused on marketing, partnerships, and financial planning to ensure our games reach and resonate with players worldwide. Our collaborative approach drives growth and innovation, providing the resources and support necessary for our creative teams to thrive. Join our dynamic department to play a crucial role in shaping the business strategies that elevate our studio and bring our games to the global stage.

  • Project Oversight: Oversee the development of projects, including planning, goal-setting, and milestone management and roadmaps. Ensuring quality, success, and timely delivery within the boundaries of budget.
  • Scope Definition: Translate creative ambitions into healthy, balanced satisfactory actionable, and tangible plans with realistic timelines and deliverables.
  • Task and Dependency Management: Identify, assign, and track tasks and dependencies, helping distinguish between priorities and focusing on high-priority items high yields, and urgent matters.
  • Communication and Reporting: Facilitate communication within the team and with stakeholders, providing regular updates on project status, changes, and strategies to maintain understanding, visibility, and briefing game requirements. Work with stakeholders to maintain project timelines, overviews, production plans, and budget reports.
  • Problem-solving and Risk Mitigation: Identify, address, and mitigate complex problems, bottlenecks, roadblocks, and risks strategically.
  • Leadership and Mentoring: Act as a figurehead and ambassador for the team, fostering a positive, cooperative creative, innovative, supportive, and feedback-focused culture and a cohesive team. Provide motivation, and support to team members, promoting a common purpose.
  • Delivery Oversight: Ensure (bi)weekly submissions of critical deliverables.
  • Continuous Improvement: Consistently seek opportunities to enhance the team's development effectiveness and quality of life. Track and report on development team progress and morale.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Link product, development, and player needs to ensure the game's success.
  • Pipeline Development: Define and drive pipelines to a production-ready status.
  • Meeting facilitation and Trello: Organizing and facilitating, project/production status meetings with clear agendas and objectives, ensuring proper meeting minutes and generating action items to discuss and resolve issues and delegating tasks, daily standups, and our sprints, including the sprint planning meetings, testing, review, and retrospective sessions; all managed on Trello where you will keep track of the backlog and cards.

Pluses, but not requirements:
  • Project Management: Experience in managing multiple projects in parallel, preferably including outsourcing.
  • Team Growth: experience in team growth.
  • Database Tools: Familiarity with database tools like Access.
  • Game Development:
    • Experience or good knowledge of working with Unity.
    • Familiarity with card-based or autobattler games.
    • Experience with the development of both F2P and premium games.
    • Hands-on development experience as a developer or game designer.
  • Submission Experience: Submissions experience across platforms, especially Steam, Epic, and mobile.
  • Market and Trends: Ability to assess the market, trends, and marketing insights. Experience with making data-driven business cases.
  • Compliance and Quality: Proficient knowledge to ensure the game's compliance with industry standards, regulations, and quality benchmarks.
  • Adaptability and Strategy: Skillful ability to scale up and down from high-level development strategy to detailed tasks.

About you
We're looking for new teammates who deeply care about the work they do, the stories they tell, and the people they create with. As part of GAMUCATEX we strive to onboard talent who can commit to our vision, mission and values. We imagine that you:
  • Key Attributes: Goal-oriented, conscientious, tenacious, and organized. Excellent listener and communicator with strong attention to detail.
  • Work Approach: Proactive, self-starter who excels autonomously. Curious mindset, always seeking improvements and eager to explore new ideas and ask questions. Comfortable working with little supervision.
  • Leadership Style: Desires to guide and support a team, fostering a positive culture and promoting development efficiency. Values a \"bottom-up\" management approach.
  • Feedback and Learning: Skilled in giving and receiving critique and feedback. Lifelong learner with a continuous desire to expand skills and knowledge.
  • Work Priorities: Methodical approach to prioritizing work.
  • Adaptability and Enthusiasm: Thrives in an uncertain, fast-paced environment. Enthusiastic about working with innovation in the game industry.
  • Project Management Skills: Comfortable managing schedules of complex pipelines. Strong understanding of dependency-driven production methodologies.
  • Collaboration and Communication: A team player (not a lone wolf or freelancer) who communicates openly about mistakes for mutual support. Collaborative and committed to the health and success of teammates and the company.
  • High Standards: Aspires to make a significant impact on the game industry. Sets high but fair standards for oneself and the team.
  • Problem-solving and Creativity: Takes a bird's eye view to identify and solve high-impact issues. Balances structure and creativity as an integral part of the team shaping the creation of exceptional games.

Skills & Requirements
  • Communication Skills: Excellent writing and oral English. Strong interpersonal and presentation skills. Detail-oriented with effective stakeholder management.
  • Game Development Knowledge: Understanding of game development processes, including concept ideation, pre-production, production, and post-release support. Familiarity with development pipelines, estimating work, identifying bottlenecks, managing dependencies, and proactive problem-solving.
  • Project, time, and priority Management: knowledge of modern project management methodologies, especially in agile development. Understanding of time and priority management. Multitasking skills with the ability to prioritize tasks, allocate resources effectively, and meet deadlines.
  • Adaptability and Indie Spirit: Ability to work effectively in ambiguous situations and adapt to change. Embraces the indie spirit, willing to help where needed.
  • Technical Proficiency: Proficient in Microsoft Office or Google Suite (Excel/Sheets, Word/Docs, PowerPoint/Slide). Familiarity with popular project management tools, preferably Trello.
  • Experience: Experience as a Producer/Project Manager or equivalent in software development projects (alternatively from university projects). Ability to organize work within production schedules, manage files, and meet deadlines.
  • Strategic Thinking: Capable of filtering team creative ideas through the lens of strategy and pragmatic next steps.

  • Attend our weekly business meeting, Thursday virtual office session and end-of-the-week wrap-up / social event as well
  • You can communicate well in English
  • Either experience working in a startup, studying or graduated in an HR degree

  • Do market research; to understand our market, competitors, and customers
  • Help with the marketing of our team
  • Establish collaborations with partner institutions and other businesses - merging research into business
  • Build on our strong company strategy and identify pain points and opportunities
  • Danish proficiency

Application process
We generally invite shortlisted candidates for a meeting midway through the process and then again for a meeting near the end. You can apply as long as this is open. We expect to hold meetings during these dates: July 5 to and July 22 to July 31, we offer both onsite and online meetings. As it is usually 1-2 people managing the process you can expect replies on emails within 3-4 days. Please check your spam folder! No need to apply via email we will tell you to apply on this site.

At GAMUCATEX, we are devoted to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We value the unique perspectives, experiences, and talents that each team member brings. Our commitment to an inclusive recruitment process ensures equal opportunities for all applicants. We encourage individuals from all backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life to apply. Join us in fostering a workplace where everyone feels welcomed, respected, and empowered to contribute their best.

Application deadline

Not given

Job Category

Production & Operations