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Internship 4 to 6 months


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Published on February 12, 2024

  • Contract

    Internship 4 to 6 months

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  • Start date

    As soon as possible

  • Study level

    Master level or equivalent

  • Remote working


Ultrasonic imaging and fluid property measurements using an automated control and acquisition system


The internship is centered around ultrasonic scanning and imaging measurements using a laboratory setup with an automatic control (x-y-z-theta scanner) and data acquisition system. The existing system includes a high voltage pulsed source, various ultrasonics transducers, and a Picoscope acquisition hardware.

A first ‘hands-on’ objective is to manipulate (computer-controlled) ultrasonic sensors in three-dimensional space in front of various underwater targets in a small tank. In this setup pulse-echo scanning or pitch-catch transmission measurements of reflected or guided acoustic waves are performed.

A next objective is to apply signal processing techniques on the recorded ultrasonic waveforms to extract key parameters about the properties of the sensors, the targets and the fluid.

We are interested in determining acoustic beam characteristics (such as beam width, beam intensity) of sensors, the measurement resolution limits of the sensors, and finally the development and testing of new methods to extract fluid properties such as the sound velocity.

In parallel, the intern performs literature reviews to identify the state-of-the-art techniques for associated non-destructive testing problems to identify concepts for new measurements and/or signal processing.

Python is used to develop the control software. MATLAB or Python are used for data processing.

Ultrasound techniques are employed in prototype tools currently under development for subterranean applications. The tool measurements are used to characterize borehole dimensions, borehole fluid properties and geological features during drilling.

 The intern acquires an in-depth understanding of ultrasonics as used in non-destructive testing and structural health monitoring. She/he will master the deployment of a computer-controlled automatic measurement and acquisition system.

Furthermore, the intern learns and further develops ultrasonic signal processing techniques.

Geophysical and geomechanical topics are introduced. Concepts of wave propagation and time-resolved processing are explored to advance the understanding of the measurements.


  • The intern uses the available components of x-y-z-theta scanner, ultrasonic pulse source, acquisition system (Picoscope), water tank, piezo-electric transducers and laptop to realize the computer-controlled measurement control and signal acquisition.
  • The following responsibilities are planned
  • Hands-on assembly in the laboratory of the setup components
  • Programming the measurement control and acquisition system
  • Running scans in the water tank with piezo-electric transducers and performing the data acquisition
  • Data analysis of ultrasonic measurements obtained on sample targets
  • Literature search of ultrasonic experimental and signal processing techniques for associated problems
  • Test & develop novel ultrasonic techniques using pulse-echo and/or pitch catch geometries to extract fluid properties
  • She/he develops or adapts data processing algorithms to extract key parameters of the acoustic waveforms.
  • The intern furthermore generates images of the sensor beam profiles, evaluates measurement sensitivity, resolution and develops processing improvements.

Deliverables: Internal presentations of results, Reports on experiments and data analysis.



  • Python and/or MATLAB
  • Autonomous / Curious (self-learner)

 communication (French / English)

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Not given

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Electronics & Signal Processing

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