Risk Modeling Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship 12 to 24 months


Axa Group Operations

Large companyInsurance

Published on March 13, 2024

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    Apprenticeship 12 to 24 months

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    As soon as possible

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    Master level or equivalent

  • Remote working



 Our mission at AXA is to empower people to live a better life.

·  As an insurance company,  AXA ambitions to switch from a perceived payer of claims to a strong partner in our customers' life.

·  As an Internal Service Provider (ISP), Group Operations (GO) aims to support and to empower all AXA teams in the best way to achieve this meaningful aspiration.


The most powerful levers to achieve this can be summarized as Innovation and Execution, and will drive all Operations within all the GO teams including both IT (Information Technology) and Supporting functions (Finance, Procurement, Data Privacy, Security and Human Resources)):

·      Innovation: To create and provide the prerequisites and opportunities for all AXA teams to develop leading innovative solutions for the needs of our current and future customers.

·      Execution: To create an environment which allows our teams all over the world to bring their ideas to reality and make our strong promise to the customers happen.


Our concrete goals are:

·      Reinforce and realize our value creation for the global AXA organization.

·      Support and foster innovation across AXA in a close alignment and teaming with Group Business Innovation.

·      Embed simplicity and empowerment in our day to day work as well as ensure that we powerfully contribute to AXA’s mission and strategy.




Under Group Strategic Programs, Group Operations Finance and Risks, the Risk Team mission is to support AXA Group Operations mission and strategy through the promotion of a Risk culture, to ensure Risk is managed in key decisions, Projects, Application Products & IT (Information Technology) operations with the full knowledge of the Risk profile.


The main objectives for the CRO team are:

·      To optimize our shareholder’s investments and resources in innovation.

·      To provide an independent and Risk-based view of Group Operations Strategy.

·      To provide early Risk assessments on new products launch, both internally and from a customer perspective.

·      To secure and to optimize the execution of Group Operations key projects, the delivery of products and services for the benefit of the entities.

·      To reduce our Risk exposure and potential impacts through transfer, diversification, mitigation or avoidance.

·      To contribute as a key player to ensure compliance with regulations through Group Standards deployment.


The Risk Team is also accountable for Audit issues remediation process in adherence with Risk reduction objectives:

·       The first mission is to ensure Audit reports roadmaps and attached remediation plans are delivered on time and are meeting the defined closure criteria with high quality of services.

·      The second mission is to define the right governance, good practices and processes, providing a tool to track and to report consistently and timely all along the Audit issue remediation life cycle, to achieve an effective and efficient Audit remediation process for Group Operations.


The team is organized as follows:

·      A central team of 7 people, reporting to the Chief Risk Officer (CRO).

·      A distributed team of around 15 people to address local Risks at country level and to work closely with the entities, with a functional reporting line to the CRO.

·      A team of Risk champions in the various functions, working in close collaboration with the CRO and with a functional reporting line to the CRO.


The Alternant is supporting the Quantification yearly process by taking ownership on activities performed by the Proces lead and support other activities if needed:


Assurance Quality on GO and Group assets

·       Perform Quality Checks on Risk scenario templates sourced by each Risk Officer.

·      Ensure that results of Quality checks (on statistical parameters, completeness of data, on consistency of formula on the template) are taken into account by each Risk Officer.

·      Deliver Group Risk final deliverables on standalone phase (mainly consolidation of scenarios and evidences related to reporting and formalization of expert judgement).

Monitoring of Quantification Activities 

·       Follow up the achievement of Quantification excercice relying of risk management tool and proven Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).




·      Master’s degree M1 or M2 minimum.

·      Basic Knowledge in regulation (Solvency II)

·      Knowledge of Risk management framework, processes and governance.

·      Knowledge in statistics (random variables & distribution laws).

·      Knowledge in and operational Risk quantification (computation of the value at Risk*).

·      Languages: full fluency in English required.


(*) Value at risk is basically the amount of capital charge to provision to face with the unexpected amount of losses attached to a risk scenario.


Analysis and Reporting Abilities

·      Ability to read, analyze, understand, interpret and communicate on a wide variety of routine-to-complex documents and agreements.

·      Comprehensive Risk management knowledge and ability to effectively identify issues (Conversant with probability and mathematics).


Project Management and Communication Capacities

·      Good interpersonal, facilitation, coordination and communication skills.

·      Good vision on what is asset management (folders & documents management) including naming convention (labelling of documents) and configuration management (defining rules to establish folders in alignment with a process)



·      Advanced knowledge of and experience with Microsoft Office, including advanced Excel (e.g., pivotable, macros).

·      Basic usage of Phoenix* to generate extracts for manipulating in Excel and be able to perform quality checks.


(*) Phoenix is a Group statistical tool supporting the quantification process.



·      Ability to work effectively / well-organized, both independently and as a team member

Application deadline

Not given

Job Category

Statistics, Data Analytics & Applied Maths