Community Manager
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Community Manager

  • Full time Position
  • Montpellier (France)
  • Published on May 13 2020
This job is no longer available. Back to the jobs list.

Fun should be the north star metric for entrepreneurs. Too many entrepreneurs suffer because they can’t see that life is a big party” 

Oussama Ammar - The Family 

If you want to live and work like ordinary people, do not go through this job offer. This is not what we are offering.


Waapi is a young startup with a tremendous growth
Our ambition is to launch BtoB SaaS in Growth Marketing
Optimized marketing, with a replicable process
Pleasant working environment and extreme comfort
The community manager is key to our business

If you want to live and work like ordinary people, do not go through this job offer. This is not what we are offering.

Who we are

Waapi is a young startup based in Montpellier, in the South of France. After having spent two years developing a web app for camps and hotels and failed to find any client for it, we pivoted and started to work in Growth Marketing: ProspectIn was born.  

And we found what we wanted. A scalable business model. A solution that can be sold around the world. Without moving from our office. Without meeting any clients. 

Today, we are growing at a 50% rate per month, since the launch of ProspectIn, at the beginning of September 2019. With a team of 6 people, averaging at 24 years old. As you can imagine, this is crazy fast, especially if you consider that we didn’t raise any money. 

What we are about to do

We could talk about vision. Like any other company, particularly big corporations. But we will not. 

We will talk about what we are doing now, and what we are going to do next. 

We think that the development and the marketing of a SaaS (Software As A Service) is a process that can be optimized and replicated. Today, we focus on delivering new SaaS that are meeting our own needs in the Growth Marketing industry, as fast as we can.

What makes this process and strategy so special is scalability. It means that you can generate an incredibly high amount of value with a small and efficient team. Without working days and nights. All relying on Pareto’s 80/20 rule and automation. 

This virtuous business model allows us to create a working environment where employees will not only have all the tools and comfort needed to excel at their job, but will have the feeling of joining a big Family.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for ambitious people who believe they can do awesome things, using the right tools, with the right people and the right process. 

We seek people who love the startup industry and have an entrepreneurial mindset. People who are eager to learn (and fail) fast, to continuously improve themselves.  

Everything that makes you special will be appreciated. Half of the team is self-educated and degrees don’t really matter. We are looking for humans, not robots that can fit with any awaited behavior from a teacher. 

As we have clients scattered in more than 50 countries around the world, we need a person perfectly fluent in French and English. No experience is required. 

What will be YOUR mission? 

We are about to release two other tools for Growth Marketing: Podawaa and Piwaa (please don’t judge names; I promise you will be able to choose them for the next product if you’re more creative than us). ProspectIn was a big success, and we want to make the most of this user engagement to grow an online community. This is a long term strategy designed to allow us to launch new products faster.

We already started a Slack with french customers, and we think there is a way to increase the reach and efficiency by internationalizing it. 

This will be the first mission. The second one will be to define, implement et partially automate a social media content strategy on LinkedIn. We are talking about managing 5 to 10 personal LinkedIn accounts, posting 3 times a week on each account, with various contents, about different topics, by using Growth Marketing tools like Podawaa to increase the organic reach. 

The ultimate goal is to reach 100k views per day across all accounts. 

What are we offering? 

We are offering a journey. An amazing journey. 

It could be an end-of-studies internship or a full-time permanent job. 

All the things you need to work at your best performance (like a computer, noise-canceling headphones, an electric scooter, etc. ) will be provided. We are working in a friendly open-space, surrounded by green plants. 

This a relaxed atmosphere, where we are trying to include every single person into a cohesive team.

There is free parking, a 50 square meters organic vegetable garden (yes you will eat tomatoes, melon, strawberries, and raspberries grown at the office) and outside sports facilities to prepare your summer body. 

Tea, coffee, and fruits are free and unlimited. 

How to apply? 

If you want to be part of the team, you need a growth hacker mindset. Find a way to reach us. Be as original and creative as you can. 

PS: We give little importance to academic criteria. All applications containing standard motivation letters won’t be processed