Actuarial Graduate Programmes
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Actuarial Graduate Programmes

  • Graduate Program / Job Rotation Program (From 19 to 24 months)
  • Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
  • Published on May 31 2020
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Job description

Put your great personal skills and analytical problem-solving abilities to good use and help our UK and Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA) clients meet their business goals. As well as getting hands-on experience helping businesses manage their insurance or pension account risks, we'll support you in becoming a certified actuary.

What is Actuarial at EY?
Our fast-changing world can create lots of opportunity for insurance businesses, but it also creates new risks. We help our clients identify these risks by carrying out complex calculations, asking the right questions, setting priorities and creating action plans for success.

What will you be doing?
You'll join either our Life Insurance, Non-life Insurance or Pensions teams. Whichever area you join, you'll be working on real client projects as soon as you're ready to, completing tasks like:

  • Analysing data, writing reports and presenting your work
  • Working with local and global insurance and reinsurance companies
  • Using modelling and analysis techniques to understand our clients' businesses
  • Communicating with EY people and clients in the UK and internationally
  • Contributing to actuarial audits, mergers and acquisitions, as well as proposals for new business pitches
You'll have lots of support from colleagues and, as well as in-house training and development opportunities, you'll study for professional qualifications with the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. Before long, you'll be coaching junior members in your team and be on your way to leading projects and people.

"Every day our team challenges and pushes us to be our best." Hiren, Life Actuarial- graduate programme

What we are looking for

Do you have the problem-solving logic needed to work in actuarial?


If you've achieved an A in A-level maths (or Scottish Higher equivalent), and an honours degree in a numbers-based subject like maths, statistics, actuarial, science, physics or economics by the time the programme starts, this is for you. You'll also need a minimum of level 2/GCSE (or equivalent) in English Language and maths, three A-levels, five highers or equivalent by the time the programme starts.