Internship - Hedge Fund Research
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Internship - Hedge Fund Research

  • Internship (12 months (Start date Aug. 2020))
  • London (United Kingdom)
  • Published on July 23 2020
This job is no longer available. Back to the jobs list.

The main responsibilities of the role

As a member of the Alternative Solutions team, the intern will be involved in: 


1. Strategy research:

-Qualitative and quantitative analysis of strategy risk and return drivers through detailed research using third party (banks/brokers) and hedge fund sources.

-Identify opportunity sets across which we should be directing investments.

2. Strategy due diligence reports:

-In depth-analysis of manager strategy, investment process, portfolio construction and capital allocation and attribution.

-Build conviction in managers that are selected for potential investment.

3. Strategy monitoring reports:

-Regular updates of due diligence analysis with focus on P&L attribution, investment process and portfolio construction.

-Constantly challenge investment thesis and re-appraise conviction level.

4. Peer group analysis:

-Qualitative and quantitative analysis of managers across different strategy buckets

-Ensure selection of best in class managers and benchmark versus peers to constantly test investment thesis

5. Sourcing new managers:

-Maintain dialogue with Prime Brokers, Marketers and other Hedge Fund introducers to source new investments

-Build and maintain knowledge of strategies and managers that can improve portfolio performance


• Undertaking a bachelor’s in Finance or Quantitative discipline
• Fluent English in order to present effectively to internal and external audiences (both in verbal presentations & written reports)
• Strong interpersonal skills and ability to subject others and be subjected to constructive challenge e.g. on investment processes/recommendations
• Motivation, curiosity & skill to maintain excellent knowledge of key trends and drivers impacting hedge fund managers and strategies within AXA IM’s opportunity set
• Strong knowledge of Bloomberg
• Excellent Microsoft Office skills

This is a placement opportunity for students who are able to perform a 12-month internship as part of their studies.