Engineering Graduate Scheme
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Engineering Graduate Scheme

  • Graduate Program / Job Rotation Program (From 19 to 24 months)
  • England, United Kingdom
  • Published on July 30 2020
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Job description

Get ready for a two-year placement in the UK or maybe even overseas, working alongside some of the biggest Engineering experts in any industry today. Get ready to build the skills that will see you emerging as a fully-fledged Nestlé Engineer at the end of it. Get ready to develop true Intellectual Property for engineering solutions. Choose from two equally fulfilling options: Nestlé Product Technology Centre (PTC) or Nestlé UK (NUK).

With Nestlé PTC you'll develop the products of tomorrow, today. You'll take a flexible approach, whether you're working on product tech, nutrition or whichever exciting new project comes your way. You'll be producing CAD drawings for important stakeholders and you'll get to work with some seriously cutting-edge technologies, like simulation modelling, virtual reality and 3D printing. It's a techie's dream.

The Nestlé UK placement focuses more on the weird and wonderful machines we use to make our products. You'll go on two placements in two years, one on product engineering, equipment design or installation, with the other focussing on maintenance. There's all manner of team activities to take part in and you'll have chance to throw your opinion into reviews with internal and external stakeholders.

You might also get the opportunity to travel the world to work with key stakeholders and real Engineering experts. Mentored to the max. Coached to perfection. Chartership opportunities like you wouldn't believe, as you work on our top three priority innovation projects. That's right - top three.

We're committed to improving people's lives in everything we do. And that includes our employees. We want you to love your job and to feel rewarded for the contribution you make, so you can expect a competitive salary, plus all sorts of benefits. These include an annual bonus (as long as you meet certain criteria); shift allowance (where applicable); m embership of the Nestlé UK or Nestlé Ireland pension fund; access to our flexible reward scheme - where you can take advantage of the benefits that best suit you. And, if you work in our York or Gatwick head offices, you can even bring your four legged friend to work. Pretty good eh?

Find out what it takes and apply for 2020 today.

About Nestle
We're Nestlé. The largest food and drink manufacturer in the world. We put delicious ingredients into our 2,000 products and out come world-beating brands like KitKat and Nespresso.

Well, the same goes for our Early Careers programmes. We blend individuals from all walks of life, with a whole range of experience and they work together as a team - really, really hard - and out come amazing results.

That's how we became a world leading business. And that's how we attract the most curious minds to our team. Because they know, that at Nestlé, they'll be given loads of support, so they can be the best they can be.

What we are looking for

Our engineers are problem solvers who work relentlessly to keep our processes running like clockwork. Problem solvers, remedy makers, visionaries who can even see problems before they occur. Those are the skills we're after in you.

To qualify, you'll need a relevant degree. Whether it's mechanical, chemical, automation, electrical, that's alright. What really matters is how ready you are to get to work on your career. And how ready you are to learn what it takes to make the engineering decisions that will shape the future of our business.

An agile learner, team worker, resilient performer who's proud of your work. The perfect package.
Your job ad is not online.