Presales Innovation Engineer Internship
This job is no longer available.

Presales Innovation Engineer Internship

  • Internship (From 4 to 6 months)
  • Brussels (Belgium)
  • Published on June 1 2021
This job is no longer available.



As a Presales Engineer you will spend most of your time inside the Innovation Lab, and will work together closely with other Presales and Sales people within SAP.

In the Innovation Lab we work as a team in an agile mode and organize ourselves with a Kanban board to work on multiple projects at once. The main goal of the Innovation lab is to make digital real, using latest technologies and innovations. We try to make this world a better place, by making people’s lives easier and companies more efficient and productive.

Find here some testimonials of what other interns have achieved:

During your internship, you will have the chance to pitch your ideas towards groups of people and work them out when successful or interesting. Your projects can range from electronics, application development, machine learning to augmented reality. In the innovation lab there are no constraints on creativity, ideas are always welcome!

Together with the team (Innovation Lab, Sales, Presales) we will brainstorm about projects, and execute them using the technologies needed. You will get access to software and hardware, such as SAP Cloud Platform, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, any sensors, 3D Printer, Laser cutting, and the list goes on. During the internship you will have the chance to present the projects you’ve worked on, contribute to customer meetings (both on premise as at the customer) and participate on events when appropriate.

You will receive time to investigate new technologies and prepare presentations to share with SAP colleagues or SAP customers.

Everything depends on how far you want to go.


We welcome all students who show good initiative and have a proactive approach.  Basic experience in software development and electronics is required.


• Bachelor or Masters’ degree in Engineering (Electronics, Information Technology, Computer Science).

• Basic Knowledge of Programming in one of following languages: JavaScript, Typescript, Swift, Java, Python, Golang, C, C++, etc.

• Basic Knowledge of one of following Frameworks: SAP UI5, React, React Native, Angular, Ionic, etc.

• Build and present attitude. After building you have the skills and motivation to present your project towards a bigger audience (colleagues and customers).

• Worked on a project already (application or electronics).

• Interested in latest innovation, and how technology can run the world better.

• Fluent in spoken English (and French or Dutch is a plus).

• Great listening and communication skills.

• Ability to grasp content quickly and to assess it critically.

• Ability to work against deadlines.

• Independent, responsible, self-reliant approach to work.



SAP serves more than 400 000 customers worldwide in 180 countries in industries as Sport and Entertainment (WTA, RSC Anderlecht, Bayern Munich, Cirque du Soleil), Retail, Energy, Finance, Manufacturing, etc. SAP is transforming industries, grow economics, lift up societies and sustain the environment by engineering solutions to fuel innovation and help companies to digital transform and reinvent themselves.

SAP values the entrepreneurial spirit, fosters creativity and builds lasting relationships: we know that a diverse and inclusive workforce keeps us competitive and provides opportunities for all.

This job is no longer available.