(mechanical) engineer – design and simulation of pressure vessels for gas storage
This job is no longer available.

(mechanical) engineer – design and simulation of pressure vessels for gas storage

  • Part-time / Student job
  • Belgium
  • Published on June 10 2021
This job is no longer available.

Who we are

Arranged is an innovative SME focused on problem-solving. Next to our main activities in filtration technologies, we are working on different innovation projects in electronics and green energy. Arranged has a significant IP portfolio.

Our team works in an international context, from customers and suppliers to research institutes, proud of our reputation as trustworthy business developers. We are a small team that provides a dynamic and open environment: this way we strive to bring revolutionary ideas to life.

Our CEO, who built the company from the ground up 10 years ago, is a true out-of-the-box thinker. A clear vision, calculated risks and decisiveness ensure growth on all fronts. By communicating transparently, team members are encouraged to share this mindset.


DCPV (Duplex Constructive Pressure Vessel) is a patented storage vessel, allowing simultaneous storage of 2 gases. Its application is found in the production of green ammonia; by storing the input gases (H2 and N2) in the same storage vessel, the NH3 production can run efficiently even when powered by green electricity. Yes, the concept looks simple at first glance, but we believe the most genius solutions are found in simplicity, rather than complex solutions.

You will work on

  • Structural analysis and strength calculations (f.e. through ANSYS) of the 2-layered pressure vessel
  • Analysing pressure differentials
  • Determining the ideal storage capacity/pressure ratio, accounting for resulting diameters and wall thickness. (not only for metals; plastics or composites can also be used, considering their favourable hydrogen-permeation behaviour)
  • Analysing behaviour when filling and discharging.

What you need: 

  • You are fluent in English or Dutch;
  • You are a studying or have recently finished an engineering degree in the fields of mathematical, chemical or sustainable materials engineering, mechanical construction, or similar;
  • You have experience with structural analysis tools, such as ANSYS;
  • You have a personal interest in renewable energy topics;

What we offer: 

  • Your input is valued;
  • you are allowed to experiment and discover new routes;
  • a company that truly believes in the energy transition, and has been actively working on this topic for many years. 

You will get a chance to work on unique projects with very high potential, in a collaborative environment where you can add real value to all aspects of the project. This means you will have responsibilities, but you are always accompanied by our guidance. Because we are a small organisation, direct communication and contact are the building blocks of working at Arranged.


Do you want to help us arrange our engineering needs? Just send your CV and a short opinion on our DCPV (green-ammonia.com) to the address provided.

Since you will work under Belgian student job regulations, your residence/home-office must be located in Belgium, and you will be allowed to work a maximum of 475 hours per year.

This job is no longer available.