Thesis: Suggest a thesis topic to Solita

Thesis: Suggest a thesis topic to Solita

  • PhD / Postdoc / Thesis (From 2 to 9 months)
  • Finland
  • Published on September 2 2021

Do you want to write your thesis in collaboration with Solita?

We are mostly looking for students in their final year of studies in technology, business, strategy or design. You could also have some work experience already, but you haven’t finished your thesis yet, and this could be an opportunity to wrap it up together in a relevant context.

We are curious to hear about new thesis topics and get to know new talent! We love topics that are relevant in the current business context and take both the students and Solitans forward. Sometimes our clients might be involved in the thesis projects, depending on the theme at hand.

If you have a topic in mind that you feel passionate about, we would love to hear it! You can share it with us by filling an application form below and providing the following information in the “thesis proposal” section.

Here’s what we’d like you to include in your thesis proposal:

  • About you: Tell us about yourself and your background in your own words
  • Years of study behind and ahead
  • Draft title of your thesis
  • Abstract (this can be a high-level draft)
  • Desired goals
  • Proposed duration, preferred start and end dates
  • Why you find this topic interesting and how you’d see it benefit Solita in the future

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