Thesis: OutSystems Security Assessment

Thesis: OutSystems Security Assessment

  • PhD / Postdoc / Thesis (From 2 to 9 months)
  • Finland
  • Published on September 2 2021

Outsystems platform security aspects: Study and test platform security levels in different areas, e.g. DB, APIs, Frontend, session management.

Assessing security of well-known low code platform

OutSystems is a well-known low code platform which enables its users to rapidly develop new applications. The platform itself takes care of a lot of the security aspects, and it also notifies its users of any bad practices.

Literature review and offensive and defensive security

In this thesis project it would be beneficial to focus on most common security aspects, and how they are managed within OutSystems. The thesis could also contain offensive security aspects where apps made on OutSystems would be attacked in a contained environment. The goal is to increase the knowledge of security aspects within OutSystems. You can also offer your own research questions that you and your contact from Solita will discuss together.

Here’s what we’d like you to include in your thesis proposal:

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  • Describe your future career aspirations
  • Proposed duration, preferred start and end dates
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