Graduate Options - Trading Technology
FD Technologies.
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Graduate Options - Trading Technology

FD Technologies.
  • Graduate Program / Job Rotation Program (From 19 to 24 months)
  • England, United Kingdom
  • Published on September 7 2021
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Job description

COVID-19 update: it's business as usual at FD Technologies, we are recruiting now and throughout the year. In-line with Government guidelines we are following the social distancing recommendations and all interviews are currently being conducted by telephone and video calls.

Within the Trading Technology stream of our Options Graduate Programme, you will have the opportunity to work with major financial institutions and the world's top trading technology vendors such as Calypso and Murex. This stream offers an accelerated entry point to a career in capital markets trading and risk management platforms.

In this role, you will work with a team of trading technology experts to design, develop, implement and support a broad range of mission critical data and trading systems for the benefit of our clients. You will combine your technical skills and financial knowledge, which will be further developed through the Capital Markets Training Programme, to help our clients address their challenges or implement new systems.

Those chosen for this stream will

  • Receive a highly sought after transferable skill set in a trading system such as Calypso/Murex used by the majority of the leading global financial institutions
  • Experience accelerated career development, underpinned by our continuous investment in learning world-renowned third-party trading and risk management technologies.
  • Receive on-going mentoring and learning opportunities through our detailed Capital Market Training programme
  • Be given an outstanding opportunity to apply their learning to immediate, real-world issues with internationally recognised clients.
On the Trading Technology stream, you will partake on the Capital Markets Training Programme, giving you the unique opportunity to expand your skillset and potential. Within the Trading Technology training, you will specialize in one of the world's largest trading and risk management platforms, typically either Murex or Calypso. As well as receiving formal training in these technologies, you will be embedded in customer-facing teams, meaning you will also receive training in real-life situations. You will gain invaluable experience in all parts of the implementation cycle and get to use the vendor software as it is deployed in production.

What types of projects will I be working on?
There are a wide range of opportunities to work with some of the world's leading financial institutions. The trading system used varies depending on the current/future needs of the client. We offer services and solutions across industry standard platforms whether that be Calypso, Murex, Asset Control or Fenergo.

Typically, you will work on a client project for 6-8 months, so you will work on 3-4 different projects over the two-year period. Projects can vary from testing to support roles where we offer both outsourced and/or managed services to our clients through best market standard processes.

The testing, supporting and implementing of industry standard systems across a range of globally recognised clients will help you develop skills that are both transferable and career defining within the Vendor Trading Technology stream. There is a clear bridge between the technical and financial knowledge gained through the Capital Markets Training Programme and the work completed on client site. These are skills that are recognised across the global capital markets and can help accelerate your learning in third party trading and risk management technologies.

Other benefits include

  • Competitive salary
  • Accommodation and expenses package
  • Award winning training
  • Global travel opportunities
  • Rapid career progression
  • Healthcare and pension packages
  • Supportive team environment
  • Social calendar
What is a typical day like?
Using a Murex Support role as an example, there is almost no way to describe what a typical day is like. Each day will present its own unique challenges, but your priority is always to respond promptly and efficiently to the needs of your client, as well as providing fast and effective solutions. Your team may be responsible for implementing, maintaining, supporting and upgrading the application, so roles within the team may vary widely. Your working hours can also rotate between shifts, and the tasks that you are responsible for will also therefore change.

What we are looking for

  • A combination of technical skills and business understanding and the ability to apply knowledge to client projects
  • A passion for learning, with a particular interest in developing your technical and finance skills.
  • Excellent communication skills to present findings and articulate their business benefits
  • Willingness to travel to various parts of the world to work with clients
  • Commitment to the two year training period, which rolls into a full-time permanent position


Strong academic background - ideally ABB or above at A-Level (or equivalent) and a 2.1 degree in finance, economics, computer science, mathematics, engineering or similar discipline
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