Corporate finance and treasury Analyst

Corporate finance and treasury Analyst

  • International Graduate Business Placements (VIE) (From 12 to 24 months)
  • Barcelona (Spain)
  • Published on September 7 2021

Mantu is an international company providing guidance and services to businesses and entrepreneurs.
We ourselves are entrepreneurs: we started out from scratch and built a successful business based on our values and our “Tomorrow is human” vision.
We constantly generate opportunities for a vast talent community and encourage our team members to have an impact and make a difference.
This is how our team has grown to more than 7000 talented people of more than 100 different nationalities, spread across 5 continents and more than 60 countries.
We have many brands in our portfolio and regardless of their expertise or the sector they operate in, they all share a single mission: achieving businesses’ and entrepreneurs’ ambitions.

As a Corporate Finance and Treasury Analyst, you will be in charge of:


Cash Management:

  • Handle Cash & Liquidity monitoring & concentration on our 60 Countries & at Group Level
  • Prepare Monthly Cash Forecast to provide cash visibility the Financial Governance & Mantu Board
  • Monitor & Track Back Office Management requests
  • Control and correct bank charges applied by banks by implementing digital tools to automate analysis
  • Implement a European In-House Bank with POBO & COBO solutions
  • Administrate & Maintain our Payment Factory


Working Capital Management:

  • Review our DSO & DPO evolution
  • Track & Propose new short term financing solutions to improve our working capital requirement
  • Manage bank guarantees & bonds


Bank Relationship Management:

  • Analyze Bank pool & Bank dependencies based on cash flows, commitments and net banking income
  • Implement new bank digital solutions to improve our day-to-day operations management


Corporate Finance:

  • Analyze Credit Scoring on all new prospects and current clients
  • Monitor bank covenants and follow debt evolution
  • Manage Intercompany lending & interests


IT, Data & Analytics Management:

  • Work with Mantu IT Team to improve internal treasury tools
  • Work with Mantu Business Intelligence Team to create new automatic reporting solutions and improve data accuracy