Advanced Analytics Business Translator

Advanced Analytics Business Translator

  • Full time Position
  • Anderlecht (Belgium)
  • Published on September 10 2021

To strengthen our Global Analytics & Data Foundation team, based in our HQ offices in BrusselsBelgium, we are looking for a talented individual to fill the position of: Advanced Analytics Business Translator.


As an Advanced Analytics Business Translator you will you help to ensure that UCB achieves its strategic objectives (as resource allocation, commercial success and new launches) by supporting fact based decision making through analytics projects.


You like to work in an environment where you can:

  • Play an essential role in creating a bridge between the technical expertise of data engineers and data scientists/insight finders and the business understanding of different areas across UCB
  • Help to ensure that the insights generated through analytics are contextualized and translated into impact at scale for different areas across UCB
  • Be claimed as your own by both technical and business teams. This means that business translators are equal parts technical and functional in their expertise and interests


You will contribute by:


  • Drawing on your domain knowledge to help business leaders identify and prioritize high impact business problems
  • Using your working knowledge of AI and analytics to translate the business problems to the data professionals who will create the models and analytics solutions
  • Ensuring that the solution produces insights that the business can interpret and execute on,  and communicate these insights to business users to drive adoption and ensure discussions on the implementation, supporting, if needed the potential corrective actions.
  • Advocating and driving a culture of data-driven and fact-based decision making


Interested? For this position you’ll need the following education, experience and skills:

  • Domain knowledge
  • Knowledge of pharmaceutical industry is a strong plus.
  • Mastering project management skills is a must. As a translator, you should be able to guide an analytics project from ideation through production and adoption. This means you have an understanding of the life cycle of an analytics project and are aware of the common pitfalls
  • You can build bridges between the functional and technical teams, while challenging each team on their assumptions
  • As a translator, you possess strong quantitative skills and you are a structured problem solver
  • You don’t necessarily need to be able to build analytics models yourself, but you need to be knowledgeable of what types of models are available and to what business problems they can be applied
  • You need to be able to challenge the data engineers and data scientist and possess an 80/20 mindset to push for fast model iterations
  • As a translator, you must also be able to interpret model results and identify potential model errors (e.g., overfitting, model bias, correlation vs causation)
  • You have an agile mindset and love to test-and-learn
  • You are a crisp communicator and can tailor your communication style to technical and non-technical audiences alike. This means you can build a storyline to communicate the analyses to business leaders
  • You have an intrapreneurial spirit and can create creative solutions to technical and organizational roadblocks that can immerge 
  • You are driven by impact