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Published on February 6, 2024

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    Full time Position

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    As soon as possible

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    Bachelor level or equivalent

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Bring your talent. Learn new skills at light-speed. Join our PwC Audit Academy

Are you looking to jump-start your career in auditing? What if we told you that you could learn in one year what would otherwise take two to master? That is what our PwC Audit Academy is about. You’ll get to focus on interesting and challenging tasks while all the straightforward, less challenging ones are automated or delegated to specialised competence centres. The result? Accelerated learning, more meaningful work and more fun. Think you have what it takes? Get ready for light-speed learning and join our PwC Audit Academy.

Your impact

As a Junior Auditor in Industry, you’ll make an impact by:

  • Receive an interesting client portfolio.
  • Work often at your clients’ offices and have a lot of client contact. 
  • Review the balance sheets and profit and loss accounts of your clients by taking responsibility for specific accounts such as cash, fixed assets, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, revenue and expenditures. 
  • Learn from different experts and specialists from other departments (valuation experts, tax experts, IT specialists, actuaries, etc.).
  • Work with data analytics and robotic tools to process data in an efficient way.
  • Develop your own data analytics and robotic tools.
  • Discuss with your team to share ideas and keep learning and growing.
  • Review financial reporting information. 
  • Work in a changing environment (clients, location, tasks and colleagues) to gain valuable experience.

About you

  • Bachelor of accounting, taxation or finance and insurance, or master of (applied) economics, accountancy, law, business economics, business engineering, civil engineering or another discipline with a relevant economic major, possibly via a second master degree - for auditors, we ask that your degree syllabus includes a solid basic course in accountancy, preferably with a number of financial analysis subjects.
  • You’ll graduate at the end of this academic year or have up to two years’ experience.
  • A born team player who likes to take the initiative.
  • A critical, analytical and open mind.
  • Client-oriented and an outstanding communicator.
  • Eager to keep learning and developing with a view to continued growth.
  • Interested in the financial sector.
  • Fluent in Dutch and/or French, with a good written and spoken working knowledge of English.

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