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Aerospace sector

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    Grande entreprise

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    Aéronautique / Spatial

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Habitudes de recrutement de Airbus

  • Clean & Sustainable Aerospace (e.g. electrical high voltage, hydrogen, fuel cell, cryogenics, recycle composite material, etc.)

  • Digital ambition (e.g. data science, cybersecurity, combat cloud, mixed reality, IoT, blockchain, high performance computing, etc.)

  • Core Technologies & Engineering  (e.g. manufacturing, assembly technos, robotics & automation, etc.)

The future generation of products will be significantly different from our products today. The products and the production systems will be decarbonised, but also digitally enabled, connected, and cyber-protected. Large-scale use of automation and robotics will be possible. 

  • End-to-end value management (e.g. value stream management, supply chain optimisation, etc.)

  • Customer value (e.g. customer centricity, digital marketing, etc.)