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Vianova makes cities’ mobility safer and more sustainable by leveraging connected vehicles data

Vianova is a leading mobility data platform that helps cities and operators build safer and more sustainable transportation systems.

Through its platform and API suite, Vianova serves 70 cities across the globe in 15 different countries, and aggregates data from 150 transportation services. Our technology facilitates data sharing within the mobility ecosystem and provides tools for cities to better manage their streets and curbs, in the transportation revolution.

With the rapid development of new transportation services, from e-scooters, last mile deliveries to autonomous vehicles, Vianova’s mission focuses on leveraging connected vehicles data to make our cities greener and safer. Our fast growing company gathers mobility and data-science experts from leading organizations, tech companies and universities.

At Vianova, we are convinced that it is through cooperation between all the players in the urban mobility ecosystem (cities, public and private mobility operators, last mile logistics, etc.), that together we can accelerate the decarbonization and decongestion of our cities. We believe that the place we have given to the individual car in our society is simply no longer acceptable, and wish through our platform to foster safer and sustainable streets for all.

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Join a space where modernity meets productivity, welcome to our vibrant work environment (our office in a WeWork space), where passion and innovation intertwine to create an atmosphere that is both enticing and empowering.

Embrace the freedom of remote work, where you have the power to choose your own workspace, whether it's the comfort of your home or a scenic location of your choice. Experience the flexibility that comes with working on your own terms, while staying seamlessly connected to our vibrant and collaborative team.

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