5 Industries That Want You To Have a Personal Website Before 2020

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“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” – Albert Einstein.

Often times we focus much of our attention on the present moment and at times we get mixed up in all of it until we forget to plan for the future.

You can count on planning for your future to be the best decision ever. A personal website could be your secret weapon to plan well for the future. Nick Macario, CEO of branded.me, says that having a personal website is one of the best ways to build a personal brand. In addition, it’s more effective as compared having a LinkedIn profile or standard CV.

Employers want to know more than the candidate’s work experience and that’s why they are looking for potential professionals online. For example, in some cases, the employers often look out to see if the candidate is culturally fit to handle the given job position.

Hence, this clearly shows that employers are only interested in knowing you better and not just taking pride in your work.

However, the sad news is that many people don’t have personal websites and a tone hasn’t even thought about setting up one. Yes, statistics show that 48% of people say they don’t see the importance of setting up a personal website while 29% claim it’s time consuming and the remaining 23% say they tried setting one before and failed terribly.

Well, that’s what people are saying out there, but the fact still remains that personal websites are crucial for landing new jobs. As a matter of fact, almost every industry will soon demand their employees to have personal sites.

Even though some industries don’t see the importance of letting their employees set up personal websites, it’s important that everyone have a website to make them accessible online.

You can look at it this way – a personal website gives you a central place to store your achievements and impress employers.

Some employers believe that they must first go through a person’s online brand before they interview them. And that’s the truth of the matter. Having a website is important when it comes to building your personal brand.

Do you know that approximately 71% of people who got job offers said that they landed the job through their personal blog? Well, that’s a whopping 71%

Here are some of the industries that will require one to have a personal website by 2020:

  • Fashion and Design

The Fashion and Design industry is increasingly becoming competitive every day. Many employers in the fashion industry have resorted to look for prospective employees online. They want people who have personal sites that show their portfolio, while demonstrating their passion for the fashion industry.

Rock the runway with real data and real results. All you need is a personal site that shares your skills in a bio. Consider creating how-to videos that demonstrate your favorite skills and techniques.

Include looks you’ve curated or designed into your photo gallery. This is appropriate especially if you’re focusing on design or styling. It is one of the best ways to show your interest in the fashion and design industry.

If you intend to jump into jobs that involve sales or merchandising, then it is important that you consider featuring a section where you can share your favorite fashion trends and products.

Take advantage of this tactic if you have no previous work to show your clients or if you’re new to the industry. Also, include stats that speak to sales by quarter or season.

Make your site extra compelling by showcasing specific, results-oriented work that positively affected your employer or clients.

  • Tourism and Travel

The tourism and travel industry is one of the coolest places to look for freelance and full-time jobs. You have to fit into different cultures if you want a hiring manager to gain interest in you.

Talk about the experience you get when you visit new places, how you made each trip happen and the places that you’ve toured. If you’re planning to dominate the tourism industry, then make your website look enjoyable. This is because most of these roles require one to be a true lover of travel.

Demonstrate to your prospective employers that you have what it takes for them to hire you. Add some wanderlust to your website.

For example, you can consider including an archive page that shows off each landmark or city you’ve loved, as well as a creative blog with smart location-based tags and categories.

This tactic also works perfectly well for the people who are interested in social media projects.

  • Health and Fitness

The Health and Fitness industry is becoming lucrative and it’s time for health professionals to have personal sites in order to stand out from the rest.

The health and fitness industry has great opportunities for anyone who wants to explore the lucrative field. This is supported with the fact that it boasts countless fitness studios and gyms, health-focused digital hardware giants like Jawbone and FitBit, and wellness-based apps like ClassPass.

You can choose to train and empower people to lead a healthy lifestyle. Want to make your site more compelling? Create content that shows your expert resources, favorite workouts and recipes. Include testimonials from clients you’ve served and got impressed with your work. Let your clients see your health or coaching credentials to show authenticity. Weave in testimonials that show how you’ve helped others accomplish their health and fitness goals.

  • Finance

Every day, the finance industry keeps on getting complicated because the management and movement of money is technically complex. If you are interested in becoming a professional financial consultant, then consider having a personal website.

There will be more need for financial experts in 2020 because many students shy away from studying finance. In fact, there may even be a shortage of financial experts.

  • Hospitality

The hospitality industry is increasingly becoming crowded hence there will be need for profesionals in this industry to have a personal website. This will help to distinguish you from the rest of the hospitality crowd.

Hence, you will have the uper hand when searching for a job at a top-notch restaurant, 5-star hotel, or even a resort.

You will need to put your personality left and center because the industry wants to know how you relate with people. Your main page should be clean since this industry advocates for hygiene and clean environment. Include a photo, social links and your bio.

Outline your techniques and give clear examples of similar tasks that you’ve successfully accomplished before. Rememeber to include links for any big publications (in your industry) that you submitted guest posts or contributed to.

Create awesome content for your site and ensure that the conent truly demonstrates your true character. The content should be in line with your goals. Maintain publishing top quality contenton your site  and you will begin to see the results within no time. Remember, that quality comes first when you want to impress your prospective clients.

Conclusively, the above are just some of the industries that will embrace technology and require their employees to have personal websites by 2020. Just let your expertise and personality shine through and always remember to keep it simple. Your website should clearly demonstrate who you are and what you do, regardless of the industry. You will put yourself in a strategic position for new clients to find you and probably land your dream job.

Written by JobTeaser

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