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Your company page appears on all the career centers of our 800 institutions of higher education, as well as on

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Grab the attention of the new generation from the competitors with a company page that truly reflects your unique culture

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Centralise all your employer branding communication and job postings in a single place

Introduce your team Premium 
Who's behind your company? Introduce your team members on a dedicated tab

Show your daily company life Premium
Publish distinctive content on a regular basis to help candidates picture themselves as part of your company

Publish your job ads without limit

Multi-post your jobs
With 1 click, publish your job ads on all the Career Centers of more than 800 institutions of higher education in Europe

Recruit qualified candidates
Access our talent pool of diverse profiles from bachelor's degree in business school to young engineering graduates

Measure your performance
All your ad statistics are available via your recruiter profile

Manage the visibility of your ads
Highlight the ads you want to push with different levels of visibility

Improve your ROI with AI Boost
Adapt your ads to GenZ

Get qualified candidates in less than 72 hours with Shortlist

Identify qualified candidates

With our smart targeting solution, you can automatically generate a list of candidates actively looking for work and contact them in just a few clicks

Speed up your selection process
Get applications from the candidates you want to hear from straight to your inbox in less than 72 hours

Attract those unusual profiles
Get closer to those rare and highly-competitive profiles, whether it’s in luxury goods or consultancy

Become a recruiter people want to talk to
Today’s generation has a new way of doing things. Give them a fresh recruitment experience!

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Receive applications directly to your ATS

Improve the candidate experience
Using JobTeaser’s simplified application process

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Get applications submitted through JobTeaser on your ATS 

Track your performance
Precisely track your ads’ ROI

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