4 Job Hunting Tips Young Graduates Should Embrace in 2018

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Job searching can sometimes be tiring and disappointing when you don’t use the right tactics that attract employers. You don’t want to spend more time searching for jobs in 2018 but rather get that job faster and spend time working on what you love.

There’s a reason why people are advised to secure a job before quitting or even thinking about resigning from their current position. You have to be a go-getter and learn towards the proactive style of job hunting if you want to see positive results.

Since we are approaching a new year, job hunters need to evolve and change the tactics they use to search jobs. You need to lay down a clear strategy with effective tactics that will help you land your dream job and build your career profile.

You need to be smarter than other job applicants (your competitors). Your career should come first if you want to achieve success with your job search. Strive to improve your profile and dedicate your time towards identifying and strengthening your weak areas.

It’s time to focus your energies in the right direction and give attention to the things that build your career. Here are effective job hunting tips that you should embrace in 2018:

  • Enhance your research skills

To make it in the job search industry, you have to be a good researcher. You must know how to search trending jobs and jobs that are in line with your skills or career path.

Many people mistake research to be essential only for businesses but it can also be a very important skill when it comes to searching for jobs. You need to carry out adequate research whether it’s about knowing the details of potential employers or exploring different career possibilities.

Below are some important tips that will help you enhance your research skills:

  1. Use multiple sources that appear to offer the same information
  2. If it feels strong, it means you’re close
  3. There is a platform formed to help you find whatever you are looking for no matter the issue you are researching.
  4. When you are searching for things on Google, never stop searching at page one
  5. Google doesn’t have your answers? Google Books might
  6. Think about common phrasings a person may use to describe a given topic. This is important for research that may lead to multiple results.
  • Consider your CV

Your CV comes in handy when you want to improve your job search. Check to see if your CV is up-to-date to prevent it from deterring job offers. Go through your CV and remove the things that are not relevant or the ones that you did 10 years ago.

Consider giving it to an expert to go through it and give you their reviews. If possible, let them show you what to add or remove in your CV. Track your CV online to see if you are getting hits or if no one is visiting it. The professional you hire for this job should be able to tell whether you are using poor formatting, wrong information, or too much information.

Ask for harsh feedback, give it to people to critique and finally create time to check your CV closely. Use the feedback you receive from your friends, family and CV professional to craft a perfect CV.

  • Expand your network

Your network is your net worth. When it comes to a job search process, direct networking plays a big role and has the highest effectiveness rate. Do you know that there are employers who offer incentives for employees in exchange for referrals? Well, now you know – people hire people they know and like.

The good news is that job hunters can now get access to numerous networking platforms. Some of the most common networking platforms include LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

LinkedIn makes it very easy to network with other people. For example, if you want to know the people in your network who work at a certain company, you just type the company’s name in the search space and it will show you. That’s how social networking platforms have made networking easy.

Young graduates can take advantage of these platforms to grow their network and expand beyond borders. Remember, never ask for a job directly when you approach contacts. Instead, you can ask them for some advice. For example, you can ask them the skills and experiences required for one to get a job in company X, or they can take you through the application and interview process.

  • Evolve from job seeker to consultant

Your mindset is the most important tool when it comes to job hunting. You can decide to place yourself as a job seeker or as a consultant. It all depends on how you set your mind during the job search process.

Before graduating from college, I ensured that I had an alternative stream of income. This helped me become more confident when I went to seek jobs. It’s awesome knowing that you have an alternative in case your application gets turned down.

You don’t necessarily have to start an actual business but you can start as a consultant. For example, if you have great financial management tips, you can start as a Personal Finance Consultant.

Yes, you are a consultant and not a job seeker. Style up and you will surely stand out among other job seekers. You are amazing all by yourself. You don’t need an employer to make you feel happy or satisfied.

There is a wide range of services that you can choose to provide your clients. You need to learn a good marketing language to promote and describe your services. You can also decide if it will be on project or hourly rate.


Job hunting can sometimes turn out to be tedious if you don’t do it the right way. The above tactics will help you supercharge your job searching skills and eventually land your dream job.

Keep these tips in mind for tremendous results in your job search!

Written by JobTeaser

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