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    Louis Vuitton Horizons Graduate Product Program

    Louis Vuitton Horizons Graduate Product Program offers tailor-made experiences within the Maison’s collection of Métiers.  When you join the Horizons Product Program you'll be recruited on a permanent contract and will complete multiple rotational assignments, taking you from the moment products are imagined right through to client experience (e.g. Marketing, Merchandising, Retail, Digital and Sustainable Development). You'll benefit from a tailored-made onboarding and development path including mentorship from a senior leader as you begin to craft your unique journey in our Maison. The second edition is an invitation to discover our Product universe. During this fast-track program of 18 to 24 months, join the teams that bring our products to life, from design to client experience. No prior experience in Luxury or Product is required. Ideal candidates will: - Hold an European Master’s Degree or international equivalent by September 2024 - Be available to start working full time in Paris in September 2024 - Have no more than 2 years work experience (excluding internships, apprenticeships and summer jobs) - Does not apply to permanent employees contracted within the LVMH Group - Be fluent in English (French is a plus, but not mandatory) APPLICATIONS WILL OPEN ON JANUARY 12, 2024 KEY MILESTONES HOW TO APPLY & JOIN US?

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    Métiers d'Excellence at Louis Vuitton

    Deyan, Claire, Christelle and Luc have more than perfect mastery of the savoir-faire at the heart of their jobs at Louis Vuitton. Each works as part of the Maison’s Métiers d’Excellence, designating the many and varied creative, design, and client service professions integral to Louis Vuitton’s activities. They master not only the technical aspects of their jobs, but also share their passion and perpetuate their craft.  The women and men of the Métiers d’Excellence master all kinds of collections including leather goods, ready-to-wear and fine jewelry, they design the architecture of Louis Vuitton stores and store windows, they advise clients or personalize their purchases by hand. Meet some of the teams that work within Louis Vuitton’s Métiers d’Excellence in this video where they share their passion for their craft in their own words. The Métiers d'Excellence are actively recruiting. Explore the positions currently available in Design and Creation, Production and Manufacturing, Visual Merchandising and Retail. 

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    A retail career journey at Louis Vuitton

    Susanne, Director of Louis Vuitton's Store in Vienna, shares insights on her professional growth. Susanne did not have a career in retail on her radar, yet she has loved it since joining Vienna’s Louis Vuitton store 9 years ago. Here she shares her path into retail.  Hello Susanne, thank you speaking to us today. What has your career journey been like with Louis Vuitton so far?  I joined Louis Vuitton nearly 9 years ago as a Saturday Client Advisor, here in the Vienna store, during the final year of my studies. I didn’t have a career in Retail on my radar but I loved it from day one and became Manager in Training a few months later. A week after being promoted to Team Manager, I was offered a temporary opportunity in Head Office as a Retail Performance Manager and ended up staying. After nearly 2 years, I accepted a mobility and joined the London Selfridges store firstly as a Team Manager, becoming Universe Manager and Deputy Store Director. Following four years in London I moved back to Vienna as a Store Director last year.     You have had a very broad experience. What have you enjoyed the most so far?  I love being in store. You can have a really direct impact on the business with your team. My favorite role so far is the one I’m doing right now and it's also a full circle moment for me: coming back as Store Director where I first started.   What have been the main challenges in your career?  Many of the people who trained me when I started as a Client Advisor are still on the team. One of my challenges has been to gain credibility and be a worthy leader. The only way is to work hard so that your team sees that they are your number one priority, not you. What's the best piece of advice that somebody has given you in your career?  The most important piece of advice I’ve been given is to fight for things in a way that makes others want to join you. Fairness, integrity and commitment are super important values of mine, and they also mean that I can get carried away quite quickly. I’ve had to learn not to act so much in the moment and to be more diplomatic, taking a more indirect route to ultimately get more people on board with an idea. But that doesn’t mean that I sometimes don’t still find the occasional fight when it's something I feel about strongly!   And what advice would you give to others?  Firstly, that the people you lead are more important than you. It’s your job to make them grow and shine, not yourself. You have to build the strongest possible team, everything else will follow.   My second piece of advice is when navigating your career, be flexible but don't jump at every opportunity immediately: take the time to make sure that it feels right for you. Whilst others may think you should do things differently, my main motivation has always been to do a job I love, not necessarily to reach a certain position. Ultimately listening to your gut is the best way to create a career that makes you happy, the rest can just be a nice by-product.   Lastly, I think it’s invaluable to have a few select people you trust whom you can reach out to for advice, bounce ideas around with or sometimes just share your frustrations.   How do you recharge your batteries in a fast-paced environment?  I’m well aware that what I’m about to say sounds like a cliché: I genuinely love what I do and it doesn’t feel like something that I need to find a balance from. I’m pretty good at switching off when I have to but I don’t feel the need to very often. I’m pretty introverted, so after a long day, I like to take it easy. I love to cook, have friends over for dinner, paint or do some yoga.

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    [Replay Time To Talk] Our doors are open!

    Come discover the Manufacturing and Supply Chain universe of our Maison! Are you an engineer? Did you ever think to apply for a position in our Maison? Come and spend moment with our teams to ask any and all the questions that are on your mind. Marie-Laure, the Global Talent Acquisition Manager for Manufacturing & Supply Chain and Linda Ganem Espinoza, the Supply Chain Manager in Singapore, will be delighted to answer all your questions about our business, our projects and our values.

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    “Our most meaningful project”: A behind-the-scenes look at designing the Doudou Louis

    Positively impacting society is the founding mission of the social component of Louis Vuitton’s sustainable development roadmap, “Our Committed Journey.” Since 2016 and through the sales of Silver Lockit bracelets, the LOUIS VUITTON for UNICEF partnership has raised more than $13 million in proceeds to help children around the world affected by conflict and disaster. Fundraising that has recently been supplemented by sales of four new Silver Lockit bracelets and of a teddy bear, the Doudou Louis. The project was a challenge, as Catriona explains: “We wanted to live up to the Maison’s commitment to protect at-risk children by designing an object that’s exemplary from an environmental standpoint, as well, which we’ve never done before.” Catriona, who manages the Gifting Department – which she describes as “a start-up within the Maison” – is nonetheless accustomed to projects that are off the beaten track. “But not one with such a powerful social dimension,” she explains. “In the past, we’ve developed a leather Doudou and other similar products, but for the LOUIS VUITTON for UNICEF partnership, we wanted to take things to the next level.” The design process for the object begins in the Maison’s materials library on rue du Pont-Neuf and in a workshop in the Berry province of France. In a constructive and circular creative process, the textile for the teddy bear comes from a previous collection and is a blend of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)-certified cotton and recycled polyester. To preserve short supply chains and promote local savoir-faire, the teddy bear is made by the experienced hands of craftspeople in an out-of-house workshop. Séverine, the team’s Style Coordinator and Project Manager, talks about this collaboration with enthusiasm: “We were really lucky to find a service provider that was both so highly skilled and so close to us. And since producing this Doudou Louis helped save this workshop from going out of business, we’re all the prouder!” Pride can be seen in Sigrid’s eyes, too, when the subject of Doudou Louis comes up. She’s been a Stylist at Louis Vuitton for twenty years and takes immense pleasure in being part of a project that has a such positive impact: “As we developed the Doudou, I contemplated the broader theme of childhood along with our LOUIS VUITTON for UNICEF partnership, and they dovetailed into two sources of profound inspiration, which led to this rainbow Monogram pattern that took inspiration from children’s way of drawing.” But everything depends on something beyond a hand: Doudou Louis’s face. Besides using stuffing with recycled materials precisely weighed to the gram and infinitely meticulous quality control of the visible seams, the key moment in crafting the Doudou Louis was shaping his facial features: “A tiny detail, even a difference of a few millimeters, can completely change his face. So we worked in stages, meticulously and simultaneously adjusting his mouth, his eyes, his nose, until we finally managed to give him a serene and happy expression,” recounts Mathilde, the Product and Merchandising Project Manager. An expression that resembles the one on the face of every member of the team when reflecting on this one-of-a-kind project: “We’re proud to have had a chance to make our own contribution to the Maison’s social and environmental initiatives. Bringing the Doudou Louis to life was our chance to pursue excellence in new areas and be part of a positive story that has nourished all of us. It’s without a doubt our most meaningful project.”

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    LV Trainer Upcycling: the icon becomes eco-responsible

    Our Maison recently unveiled our sustainable development roadmap for the years to come, entitled “Our Committed Journey.” One of the pillars of the environmental dimension of this plan is to deploy a circular approach to our creativity in the interests of preserving natural resources. To this end, all our products will comply with an eco-design process by 2025. The most recent example of this commitment is the LV Trainer, a sneaker born of upcycling. Daniela and Ismaele, respectively production manager and model maker at the Fiesso d’Artico Louis Vuitton Manufacture de Souliers, Italy, openly admits their initial surprise at the plan: “When Mathias and Julien asked us to transform the original sneaker into a new one, we sensed this project was going to be completely disruptive: we were about to take a perfect model apart!”.  This “perfect model” was the LV Trainer, the first sneaker designed by Virgil Abloh as the Louis Vuitton Men’s Artistic Director for the Spring-Summer 2019 collection, a sneaker hat has since become iconic. Now, for the Spring-Summer 2021 collection, the flagship footwear is getting a makeover, a revamp driven by the teams’ desire to blaze new trails that are both creative and responsible, to preserve natural resources. The name of the sneaker says it all: LV Trainer Upcycling. But it’s a sneaker with unprecedented origins: These trainers were crafted using the stock of the very first models introduced two years ago. The circular design and innovative manufacturing behind the project are courtesy of the Paris design and marketing teams and the artisans of the Maison’s Manufacture de Souliers where a shared, eco-responsible upcycling focus has let to optimization of existing materials. Mathias has been designing the Men’s shoe collections for the Maison since 2016, while Julien has overseen their marketing since 2019. “New ideas and inspirations are what drive us, and when that comes from an existing model, it’s even more exciting. So we had our environmental beliefs, and we also had this dormant stock. Putting the two together might seem logical, but actually doing it was completely new: Before deconstructing the sneaker, we had to deconstruct our way of thinking and working – we upcycled our ideas!” they explain. Covid-imposed lockdowns meant that the dialogue between Paris and Fiesso d’Artico had to happen on Zoom. “We were starting from an existing model, and yet were working from the ground up,” explains Ismaele.  “We didn’t know what or how, but the objective was clear: For the first time ever, we were going to create a new sneaker from an existing model.”  Bit by bit, the prototype, more colorful and lower profile than the original, took shape. Soon thereafter, it was shown to Virgil Abloh, who gave it the thumbs up. In an unusual move, the Artistic Director decided to keep the assembly instructions on the final models (centering, cutting, overlapping stitching). “We were delighted with this unexpected choice: We now had a strong, desirable, and truly cool model in our hands,” enthused Mathias and Julien. And recognizable: LV Upcycling edging, also part of the visual identity for the Maison’s sustainable development efforts, can be seen on the back of each sneaker. “It was a big challenge, we often had to explain the why and how of the project, but we got the results: a new upcycled collection that helped shape a whole new mindset!” exclaims Mathias. Julien wholeheartedly agrees: “Teamwork makes the dream work!”

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    From ephemeral to sustainable: the second life of our event decorations

    Just a few days from the presentation of Virgil Abloh’s Fall-Winter collection 2021, the Paris Tennis Club – located at the southern tip of the 16th arrondissement – is bustling. The usual echo of balls bouncing off rackets is replaced by the sounds of drills and grinders, and the habitual athletes are supplanted by the teams of Louis Vuitton and its partners, all hard at work constructing the modernist backdrop for the show. Even as the decoration is being assembled, Margot, Célia and Emmanuel from the Events and Environment teams are already considering its dismantlement. In the company of our production agency and our cultural association partner, the installation goes hand-in-hand with the determination and selection of sustainable materials to be recovered, reused and recycled in a zero-waste objective. From shows to windows to exhibitions, the Maison creations are made to last. Season after season, the Louis Vuitton Events, Visual Image Studio and Environment teams work together, considering how to integrate concrete solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our ephemeral installations from their earliest stages, from the choice of materials to their end of use. These solutions are transforming our approach and challenging our creative processes... But most importantly, they work. In 2020, 85 % of the materials used at the principal Maison events were reused and recycled. To achieve such a performance, the teams are exploring two vast fields of optimization for the end of material life cycles: reuse – in the form of donations to associations – and recycling. All the materials used for the Women’s Fall-Winter 2020 show at La Samaritaine – principally wood, metal and plastic – went on to live an extended life, since they were reused in the field of cultural creation. That was also the case for 100 % of the elements for the decor of the Time Capsule exhibition, which was held in Mexico City in 2019, when they were donated to two local charity organizations. Thanks to our teams and local partners, our approach to recycling is also navigating new, sustainable waters, demonstrated by more than half of fish made of recycled plastic that were featured in our Japanese Shoal of Fish windows. The dismantlement of the show decoration is made right after the collection presentation, and the recuperated elements immediately go on to begin a new life. Out of the 100 tons of materials used in total, more than 51 tons of wood, metal, plastic and rugs were collected to begin a new life cycle in the hands of members of the association, most of whom represent artistic and cultural structures. The almost 50 remaining tons were mainly reused internally. Such was the case for a portion of the travertine flooring: it was quickly recuperated by the Visual Merchandising team at the showroom, and then sent along to our Vendôme and Beaulieu workshops, where the stones are already beginning a third phase in their lives. Such positive results show that we are living up to the recent Maison commitment in favor of protecting natural resources:  by 2025, we are committed to reusing or recycling 100 % of event-related materials. In other words, taking the ephemeral and making it sustainable.

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    Cross-professional collaboration: how do teams set our mindset in motion?

    “I think it’s important for both office and retail teams to experience each other’s working environments whenever possible. It promotes greater understanding of how our different professions all fit together,” reflects Pascal, Stock Associate at Louis Vuitton Maison Champs-Elysées.    Working collectively across métiers is a more than a mindset at Louis Vuitton, where teams organize occasions to learn from each other’s savoir-faire and find new approaches. During the busy festive period in France, retail teams enjoy inviting their office-based counterparts to support them on the store floor. The year 2020 was no exception. Store Managers and Human Resources teams cooperated to establish a list of participating locations including Louis Vuitton Maison Champs-Elysées, Louis Vuitton Lille and Strasbourg. Office teams signed up to support in a variety of retail roles such as welcoming clients in store, assisting them in collecting online orders and even helping out with stock management. “Initiatives like these are always rich in insights. It’s an opportunity to form stronger relationships across the Maison and to discover how our different perspectives and expertise help us succeed as one,” adds Juliette, HR Development Coordinator based at the EMEA headquarters office in Paris. The professional ‘swap’ of sorts deepens mutual understanding of the Maison’s different universes. Those who take part form new relationships and come away with a fresh perspective, looking forward to putting ideas into action in the new year.