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Make recent graduates apply with this job description

  • Wednesday, November 30, 2022
  • Lexane Sirac

Make recent graduates apply with this job description. A step by step guide.

Make recent graduates apply with this job description

Do you tailor your job listings to the people you want to target? You can specify when a job is entry-level, but there are more subtle and efficient ways to attract young talents. For example, explaining what a job entails will help students and recent graduates understand if an offer is interesting even if they don’t know always the job itself. Here are some ways to attract young talent to your job listings.

Set clear expectations

Young talents are eager to start and benefit from an up-to-date education, but they often lack experience. This means that they might not understand exactly what a given job entails: Mathilde Perrot, a UX designer at JobTeaser, comments that students don’t set aside time for their orientation, but instead build their preferred career paths by reading job offers. Help them out and ensure that your candidates are more qualified by giving as much information as you can about the position.

This includes giving a detailed explanation of what the day-to-day job will be about, as well as an overview of the larger challenges that their missions will address. We would advise you to create several sections of your job description to link every part of the job to a bigger purpose.

For example, let’s say you want to hire a Key Account Manager. Their main missions could be ensuring that there is no churn and upselling. Each of these missions is made of a number of small tasks, such as giving training, travelling once a week to visit an at-risk customer, and onboard new clients. Grouping the small tasks according to their goal is a good way of making sure that your prospective applicant will understand what is expected of them, and why.

Show how important the position is

When conducting our Purpose Generation survey in April 2018, we’ve found that young talents care about two parts of their job more than anything else:

  • its purpose
  • their career advancement possibilities

Show them that they will thrive by highlighting what key challenges they will solve for your company. Why are they important, and how will your company benefit from having them? This is the kind of information you’ll want to give young talents, not to flatter them, but to give them a sense of purpose.

More importantly, show them that joining your company will be a good thing for their career. Talk about internal mobility, how autonomous they will be, the training they will be allowed to follow, your potential tuition stipend or training for new tools and strategies. Young talents want to learn continuously, even once they have graduated, and showing them that you will help them keep learning will change the way they look at your job posting, for the better.

Sounding natural is more important than sounding “young”

We’ll talk about it more in detail in an upcoming blog post, but the new generation isn’t as dead set on avoiding workplace etiquette than the older Millennials. We’ve found that compliance to a dress code, or formal speak with senior colleagues, for example, does not influence their view of their job or company.

However, what does matter more than anything else is authenticity. This is the key to a number of changes in the way you can recruit young talents. For example, live video is a staple of modern sourcing because of its spontaneity.

Stay true to your company’s identity. Focus on what you’re good at, and don’t try to put up a “young” front with emoji and exclamation points if your company takes pride in its professionalism and seriousness.

Do you want to know more about writing the ideal job listing for young talents? Going from the ad title to the company perks description, you will soon be able to download our job posting template, along with commentary and advice to make it perfect!

Download our ultimate job listing template