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The Benefits of Live Video Chat for Sourcing Students and Graduates

  • Thursday, June 13, 2024
  • Lexane Sirac

Live video chat is one of the most engaging and interactive ways to connect with job candidates. In this article, we'll provide you with valuable insights and actionable tips to help you leverage this powerful tool and attract top talent.

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We have discussed the effectiveness of utilizing a video format when communicating with younger generations, specifically students and recent graduates, to attract them to your company. While this approach is highly effective, it's important to note that there are various other strategies that can be leveraged to attract young talent to your internship and job listings.

One of the most engaging and interactive ways to connect with potential candidates is through live video chat.

Why live video chat can be your best sourcing ally

Live video chat provides you with an excellent opportunity to connect directly with students and provide them with a clear understanding of your organization's goals, values, and expectations. This direct contact with potential candidates allows you to establish a sense of transparency and authenticity that the younger generation values highly.

Younger generations place a high value on immediacy, and live video chat allows them to engage in real-time conversations with company representatives, providing a more immersive and engaging experience. Additionally, the interactive nature of live video chat allows companies to address specific questions and concerns, giving candidates a better understanding of the company culture and expectations.

Timing is crucial

Timing is crucial, and you need to be mindful of students' schedules to avoid conflicts with classes or other commitments. Aiming for a chat that starts between 6 pm and 8 pm can be a good option, as it is typically outside of most students' academic schedules.

Be open to real needs

Scheduling a brief session of half an hour or an hour at most for live video chat allows you to answer a high volume of questions from prospective applicants. By not selecting the topics yourself and instead addressing people's real needs, you can be confident that you are not missing the mark. This provides an honest and transparent experience, as there is no room for deception or "cheating".

Prepare for challenging questions

While it's not feasible to address all the questions that students ask during a live chat, it's essential to select the most relevant ones. It's also crucial to prepare for more challenging questions, such as inquiries about your latest news or challenging aspects of your company culture. Rehearsing responses to these difficult questions demonstrates honesty and transparency, allowing candidates to see that you are open and committed to providing them with accurate and relevant information.

Be specific

You can also be much more specific than in a company video. The video can be seen by anyone, at any time, and will most likely be re-used over several months or even a couple of years. Live chats last for one evening (although the replay should be available afterwards): you can talk about specific job postings or the company news. It’s better to choose one specific theme and set the title so there’s no surprise: “How to nail your interview for an internship in logistics” is going to appeal to a very targeted and engaged audience.

Give young talents the answers they need

When conducting a live video chat, it's important to keep in mind that students sometimes ask simple questions in good faith. You have the flexibility to choose which questions to answer if they don't align with your objectives. 

Remain authentic

While preparation is necessary, don't spend too much time perfecting your responses. Remember, you won't be able to recite your answers word-for-word. Instead, focus on knowing your facts and sharing your experiences with a few key phrases. It's critical to remain natural and authentic, as students seek real-time answers from genuine people.

Prioritize questions

Additionally, it's important to recognize that you may receive a high volume of questions. Don't feel obligated to answer all of them. Rather, prioritize questions that provide new insights and information to the students. Take the time to thoughtfully respond to each inquiry. 

The power of storytelling

Try to find a real-life example of everything you say. If someone asks you about your daily tasks, say what you did yesterday instead of making a fake plan that encompasses everything you do. If someone asks about the work culture, maybe talk about one specific team outing or a mission you collaborated on. Always resort to storytelling to appeal to students and young graduates more.

JobTeaser Tip : To ease any stage anxiety, we recommend watching successful live chats to gain inspiration and confidence.

Quicks wins to ace the live chat

Here are a few quick wins you can implement for much higher engagement: 

Showcase your company culture

On the day of your live video chat, it's important to dress in a way that accurately represents your company culture. Wearing your usual work attire will convey authenticity and attract the right candidates. Avoid over-dressing in a suit and tie if your company has a more casual culture. Additionally, be mindful of the patterns on your clothes, as small prints or stripes may not appear well on-screen. 

Less is more

It's also recommended to avoid wearing accessories that may create distracting sounds, such as watches or noisy jewelry.

Start strong and engage directly

When the video starts, don't hesitate or remain silent for too long. Begin speaking immediately, as prolonged silence can make the audience uncomfortable. Directly look into the camera as if you were talking to an individual in person, rather than reading from notes or a document. By maintaining eye contact with the camera, you engage with your audience and create a more personal connection.

Strategically Selecting Speakers for a Dynamic Live Chat Experience

To make your live chat more engaging and effective, consider sending the right people to participate. Choose a duo of an HR manager and a young employee who can share different perspectives and experiences with the audience. This approach allows for a more natural and relaxed conversation, reducing stress and creating a better connection with the viewers. Alternatively, you can also use a host to add life to the conversation by asking questions and facilitating the discussion. By bringing multiple voices to the table, you can provide a more well-rounded and dynamic experience for your audience.

Live video chat is a great tool to source students and young graduates: answer their questions honestly and in detail, and if you can, get two different people to take part in the chat instead of just one. It can make a world of difference. Lights... Camera... Action! 

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