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Towards an Enhanced Ecosystem: Generative AI at JobTeaser

  • Thursday, June 13, 2024
  • Benjamin Aubertel

Generative AI represents a major advancement in the field of Artificial Intelligence. This technology is capable of analyzing and generating content in multiple formats, including text and images, autonomously.

Towards an Enhanced Ecosystem: Generative AI at JobTeaser

Article co-written by Benjamin Aubertel (Chief Technology Officer), Aurélien Baelde (Head of Data Science), and Jean-Côme Larher (VP Strategy and Product Marketing).

Generative AI represents a major advancement in the field of Artificial Intelligence. This technology is capable of analyzing and generating content in multiple formats, including text and images, autonomously. At JobTeaser, we have seized the opportunity since 2017 to integrate Artificial Intelligence, and more recently generative AI, into our platform. By combining this technology with our exclusive data, we can provide personalized services and a high-value user experience.

The current trend is towards the specialization of models, meaning the contextual integration of AI into specific products, a strategy that we also adopt at JobTeaser. By building an AI-enhanced ecosystem, our goal is to redefine the standards of career guidance and professional integration experience by offering more effective and personalized interactions for all stakeholders involved.

In this article, we will explore together the opportunities that our model specialization strategy offers to our ecosystem and review concrete existing and upcoming application cases. We will also address issues related to ethics and data protection.

Part 1: Generative AI, an Opportunity for Our Ecosystem

For Students

Generative AI offers valuable assistance throughout the "universal journey" of students at JobTeaser, articulated in three key stages: self-awareness, market exploration, and job searching. According to the 2023/24 Career Barometer of JobTeaser's Gen Z Lab, nearly half of the students consider the transition to the professional world as a real challenge. In the face of this major issue, AI can play a significant role by offering personalized assistance at each stage of the universal journey.

Let's explore how AI can guide students:

  1. Self-Awareness: An AI-based chatbot could pose relevant questions to help students better understand their aspirations. The responses would be fed by studies and scientific programs supported by JobTeaser or renowned institutions.
  2. Market Exploration: AI could assist students in searching for information about jobs and companies, based on criteria such as mission, salary, company culture, or values.
  3. Job Search: Acting as a coach, AI would help students prepare for interviews, write cover letters, and improve their CVs. Integrated into the JobTeaser environment, it would provide contextualized advice based on targeted job offers or the student's field of study.

For Career Services

Career services play a crucial role in preparing students for entering the job market. These challenges have evolved in recent years to adapt to a constantly changing professional environment. This includes adjusting to job market demands, providing personalized support, establishing close partnerships with companies, and considering societal issues.

Meeting these challenges is essential for career services, as it can directly influence the competitiveness of institutions in rankings, their funding sources, and, of course, their reputation.

AI for Better Addressing the Challenges of Career Services:

Artificial Intelligence is a major asset in meeting the challenges of career services within educational institutions. It offers the possibility to automate recurring tasks, such as reviewing student CVs and managing exclusive job offers from recruiters on school platforms.

Taking the example of the student chatbot, it could not only feed on public data and JobTeaser content but also integrate educational content specific to each university. This approach creates a unique virtual assistant, reflecting the distinctive value of each institution's career services, and thus highlighting their added value for partner companies. By connecting this assistant to the department's practices, career advisors can reach a larger number of students and focus on high-value-added tasks, adding an essential human dimension.

Going further, AI can identify struggling students based on their activity and data, thus focusing efforts where career advisors will have the most impact. These advances, combining generative AI, our data histories, exclusive content from schools, and our own tools, bring us closer to the enhanced career service of tomorrow.

For Recruiters and Companies

For recruiters and companies, generative AI opens up a vast field of opportunities. It simplifies access to information and allows for refining recruitment strategies. By collecting aggregated data on students, it ensures constantly updated information for all ecosystem actors. This includes understanding a company's reputation among specific audiences, its evolution, or the impact of its communication campaigns.

In the field of candidate sourcing, AI enriches existing matching models, improving the selection of applications and allowing for a deeper analysis by integrating more equitable new criteria. Moreover, like in creative sectors, AI proves to be an ally in content writing, whether for employer branding or revising job ads to adapt them to specific audiences such as students, Generation Z, or manual or office workers.

Finally, AI facilitates the search for the best talents by improving the matching process while preserving equal opportunities.

Part 2: Integrating AI into Our Products and Services

AI, a Historical Subject at JobTeaser

At JobTeaser, we have been exploring AI-related fields for over five years, thanks to a dedicated team of data scientists.

Artificial intelligence is already an essential component of several of our services, including our candidate sourcing algorithm, our job offer recommendation system for students, and our automatic job offer classification algorithm. These services, fueled by student data, allow for a highly personalized user experience.

Meet some of the key members of our AI team, from left to right:

Mehdi, an engineer from INSA Lyon, holds a specialized Master's degree in Data Science from Telecom Paris. His career began in AI research in France and Canada, before evolving towards AI applications closer to end-users.

Nesrine, with a doctorate in cognitive neuroscience and a graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, developed her data science skills at the Microsoft Data IA school. She joined JobTeaser in early 2020 to work on issues combining research in AI ethics and data science.

Aurélien is an Engineer from ESPCI Paris, holds a PhD in Physics, and has an MBA from the Collège des Ingénieurs.

He has managed AI teams in several companies (in France and Singapore), focusing on bringing to market and exploiting innovative technologies.

Our Ongoing Work on AI for Students

Generative AI is at the heart of our efforts to improve the student experience on our platform.

We are currently refining our job offer classification algorithms with AI to ensure maximum relevance of student searches. These improvements extend to other types of content on the platform, notably student experiences, whose access will be facilitated thanks to these developments.

Another ongoing initiative involves testing an AI chatbot acting as a personalized career coach, providing advice and real-time recommendations. For example, when a student views a job offer, our chatbot could evaluate the match between their profile and the required criteria, compare the relevance of their application against other students who have applied, and offer advice to optimize their application.

Additionally, our AIs will benefit from our proprietary orientation content, developed as part of the SCALE government project, thus providing students with support based on a reliable and current scientific basis.

Our Ongoing Work on AI for Career Services

One of the major challenges for career and professional integration services is to scale up their student support, which first involves automating repetitive and time-consuming but nevertheless absolutely essential tasks.

We are currently designing and testing an innovative service that uses AI to check CVs, thus speeding up the review process by orientation advisors.

Moreover, we are exploring the possibility of developing assistance in validating offers received from recruiters. This aid would be fully customizable by institutions to meet their specific needs.

In order to improve our support for career services, we are currently working on a dedicated chatbot, offering quick, natural language access to guides on using our platform.

Our Work on AI for Recruiters

For recruiters, we leverage generative AI to optimize the quality of our job ad content. Our rewriting algorithm uses AI to adjust the language and style to the expectations of students and Generation Z, allowing recruiters to more effectively reach their target audience and increase the chances of finding suitable candidates.

Currently in the testing phase with several recruiters, this feature has demonstrated promising results: a significant increase, doubling in some cases, in the number of applications per offer.

Meanwhile, we are tirelessly working on improving our matching algorithm for recruiters' candidate sourcing. By exploiting unstructured CV data and structured profile data, we meet the crucial challenge of collecting reliable and up-to-date data. The use of generative AIs to facilitate this collection represents a major opportunity for our ecosystem.

Part 3: JobTeaser Promotes Innovative, Ethical, and Privacy-Respecting AI

The use of AI obviously raises both ethical and legal questions, as uncontrolled use carries risks to people's rights. Faced with these new challenges, JobTeaser promotes responsible innovation, exploring new artificial intelligence technologies that guarantee the protection of individuals.

Since the entry into force of the GDPR, JobTeaser has set up a GDPR and AI committee responsible for ensuring compliance with personal data regulations, anticipating new European standards in AI, while supporting innovation at JobTeaser. This committee is the guarantor of the use of ethical AI, in line with European values.

We Have an Internal Charter for Ethical and Responsible Innovation**

As concerns about ethical issues raised by the use of artificial intelligence algorithms for commercial purposes continue to grow, there is currently no international consensus on guidelines for ethical and human-oriented artificial intelligence systems (Jobin, A., Lenca, M., & Vayena, E., 2019).

Because it is important for us at JobTeaser to support our ecosystem on these societal issues, we believe it is our responsibility to take the lead and implement concrete measures to ensure that our products are ethical and respectful of users.

That's why we have an ethical innovation charter with the following main principles:

The main principles of our ethical charter for innovation
  • Justice and equity
  • Promotion of human values
  • For the common good
  • Data confidentiality
  • Responsibility
  • Data security
  • Integrity and commitment to truth
  • Transparency and explainability of algorithms
  • Human control and supervision of technology
  • Environmental protection

In our charter, we detail each of these main principles, and they guide us in developing user-respectful products.


In this article, we have explored some of the multiple opportunities offered by generative AI for the JobTeaser ecosystem. By integrating this technology into our products and services, we will offer a more personalized experience to students, automation of tasks for career services, and an improvement in recruitment strategies for companies.

Generative AI will allow students to benefit from personalized support throughout their university journey, helping them to better understand themselves, explore the job market, and prepare their applications. For career services, it will automate repetitive tasks, provide easy access to information, and allow for a fine analysis of the job market. For recruiters, it will improve the quality of job ad content, facilitate matching with candidates, and increase the efficiency of sourcing.

At JobTeaser, we are committed to an ethical and responsible approach to AI, ensuring the protection and sovereignty of personal data and respecting European standards. Our dedicated team has been working for several years on AI applications, and we continue to innovate in this field.

Generative AI is a promising technology that continues to evolve and represents a real opportunity to multiply our velocity in creating value for our entire ecosystem. At JobTeaser, we remain at the forefront of these advancements and are committed to offering the best possible services to our users.