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Video application: Advantages and tips for HR managers

  • Thursday, June 13, 2024
  • Laura Rottier

Is video application an HR asset? Here are 5 reasons why you should incorporate it into your recruitment processes to appeal to Gen Z...

Video application

Digitalisation gathered pace rapidly last year and this opened up new avenues for recruiting. One of these is the video application, submitted together with other documents. We show the advantages of this new method for recruiting students and recent graduates.

How can I, as a recruiter, from an assessment of applicants who are not sitting in the same room as I am? A video application is a really useful way for recruiters to get to know students and recent graduates at a distance.

5 advantages of video applications for recruiters

1. Capturing character traits and soft skills

Video applications usually replace the classic cover letter - and are more personal, less distant and standardised compared to it. Finally, the applicants speak freely about their motivation and experiences. Job-relevant character traits and soft skills can be identified more easily this way. For example, you can tell from verbal skills or visual appearance whether the applicant is suitable for a job with a lot of customer contact, or the video may also be able to reveal how creative the applicant is.

2. Drawing inspiration for the job interview

The motivational video in the application lays the foundation for the subsequent (video) interview. Do these students and recent graduates only introduce themselves superficially in their brief application videos, or do they outline a part of their life about which you would like to learn more? Then you can pick up precisely on these topics in the (video) interview. In addition, it is easier for all interview partners to find their way into the conversation and applicants feel valued because you have interacted with them in some detail.

3. Strengthening employer branding

Applying by video is innovative and many employers have not yet adopted this approach. A perfect way to stand out from the competition and to position yourself as an attractive, dynamic and creative employer. This strengthens your employer brand and helps you to convince promising students and recent graduates of the qualities of your company in the War for Talent.

4. Testing technical skills

Application videos in film trailer quality are the exception rather than the rule so are not really a realistic proposition. Nevertheless, you should not settle for less than a stable and sharp image, clear sound and good lighting. The level of effort and care that applicants invest in their video applications provides a good first indication of their technical skills and quality standards. This in turn is a good guide to evaluating whether a given student or recent graduates really fits the profile you are looking for. 

5. Appealing to creative, motivated minds

By requesting a video application, you are reaching out to young, creative applicants who can bring a breath of fresh air into your company. Gen Z in particular is keen on unconventional recruiting methods. At the same time, you can weed out unsuitable or less interested applicants. After all, it takes a lot of time to produce a motivational video, so they only get submitted by students and recent graduates with the necessary enthusiasm for the job and your company, also demonstrating their creativity and flexibility.

Video application tips for recruiters

To ensure that you receive as many attractive application videos as possible, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Here are our best practices for you:

Determine topic and length

Limit the time allocated to applicants to answer defined questions. 45 per cent of recruiters use a 90-second motivational video that walks them through the CV. 50 per cent also prefer three predefined questions that the applicants have to answer, each within 45 seconds. The precise content you request depends on the job vacancy and your company. For example, the following division is conceivable:

  • Brief introduction
  • Motivation for the job
  • Knowledge about the company

In any case, you should communicate your requirements clearly for the application video. In this way, you provide all applicants with a guide and a level playing field.

Systematically analyse application videos

When evaluating the motivational videos, you can pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Verbal skills Does the applicant sound spontaneous, or does the delivery sound rehearsed? Does he/she speak fluently?
  • Structure Is the application video structured clearly? Is there a common thread?
  • Appearance Is the applicant dressed appropriately? Does he or she project self confidence?
  • Authenticity Does the applicant come across as sincere or forced?

In conclusion, Video applications as a worthwhile trend in recruiting

As a digital recruiting method, video applications can help you to get to know your applicants personally, even at a distance, and to assess at an early stage whether they really suit the job vacancy and would fit into your company. At the same time, you enhance your attractiveness as an employer and can access target groups who would not have applied to you without the option of submitting a motivational video.