IT Consultant

IT consultants support their clients in rolling out various IT solutions. They offer vital advice and support on a whole host of technical solutions in order to best meet the needs of their clients.

The life of an IT consultant...

IT consultants are intermediaries between their company and clients

At the start of a project, the role of an IT consultant is to identify their client’s needs in terms of issues and challenges around their IT systems. This can involve introducing new software or software packages (e.g. SAP) or perhaps brand-new IT tools to help optimise how the client’s information and data is organised and processed.

Analysing current systems and making recommendations

Once their needs have been properly identified and understood, IT consultants begin their analysis phase and put together a dedicated project team. They look closely at what’s already in place, speak with various technical experts on the topic, and put forward suggestions for how best to solve the client's needs. All this research then needs to be summarised and presented as a single deliverable project that consultants can offer their clients. The consultancy aspect of their role is only enhanced by the significant technical expertise clients will ask them to provide.

IT consultants often take over projects that have been signed off and won by business executives and account managers.

Required skills

Candidates must be able to analyse and summarise vast amounts of information, they need to be confident speakers when presenting their recommendations to clients, as well as able to manage everyday interactions professionally with clients and their teams.

Typical educational background

5 years of higher education, engineering or business studies.

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