Cost Estimation Engineer

In response to calls for tender, cost engineers work closely with architects, design studios and building companies to establish the overall cost of an engineering or construction project. They’re responsible for costing everything down to the last penny and monitoring budgets once work has begun.

The life of a cost engineer...

Outlining project resources in advance

Cost engineers need to put together a full list of all the resources required to complete a building project before work begins. For example, they’ll have to indicate the number of workers required within each department.  They also have to outline all the various equipment needs, everything from cars and office space to raw materials and building tools. They draw up quotes and negotiate prices directly with suppliers, alongside specialist teams, including project engineers, technical engineers and structural engineers.

Adjusting budgets to unforeseen circumstances

Cost engineers have to be constantly on the lookout as projects develop for any necessary revisions or readjustments to costs. Indeed, depending on the circumstances, they may need to suggest new approaches, monitoring and updating schedules as they go. As a result, they’re responsible for ensuring projects are ultimately profitable.

Required skills

Diligent and with excellent negotiating skills, candidates will need to be comfortable planning projects.

Typical educational background

Engineering studies

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