Store Manager

Store managers are in overall charge of stores, supermarkets and other retail outlets. They manage everything from stock levels to setting prices and supervising staff, whilst training and recruiting new employees. More broadly, they make sure the company’s local strategy in terms of branding and operations is respected.

The life of a store manager...

Managing sales policies

It’s a store manager’s responsibility to follow the directions of their area manager, but they’re also independently in charge of setting stock levels (incoming and outgoing goods), the number of products sold, prices, quality control, points of sale and, more generally, for upholding the image of their store amongst customers.

Managing retail teams

A retail outlet is somewhere commercial exchanges take place, but it would be nothing without a dedicated team of workers. As such, store managers need to constantly motivate, train and reorganise their teams under their own authority. As a result, they’re in charge of recruitment needs, training their staff in new sales techniques and IT systems, as well as promoting products from various suppliers.

Required skills

Leadership, autonomy, sales focussed, negotiating skills, able to focus on the big picture, teamwork, good relationship skills, conviction, dynamic approach

Typical educational background

  • 5 years of higher education, advanced business studies

  • Advanced vocational studies in sales and retail

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