IT Project Manager

As digital and technological experts, IT project managers take the lead from the moment their colleague or customer first expresses their needs all the way through to the systems being introduced and signed off. Their typical projects generally include the following three stages.

The life of an IT project manager...

Defining user needs

At the start of a new project, IT project managers will usually conduct a series of tests to establish a list of needs and, ultimately, put together a clear specification for the development phase of a chosen solution. They’ll need to estimate the costs of the project, prepare schedules and distribute tasks amongst their teams, all the while assessing the risks and challenges the project entails.

Leading the project’s development

Project managers have to ensure all deadlines are met, monitoring the quality of progress as they go whilst sending regular reports to their superiors and/or clients. As such, they have to coordinate various actions with a number of different stakeholders to properly lead their team, which usually includes designers, developers, technicians and others.

Setting up the system

Towards the end of a project, IT project managers will work with their team to arrange the installation/implantation of the software or system they’ve created and keep in touch with the users in case any alterations or updates have to be made. They may also take part in putting together a communications plan related to the project.

Required skills

Detail-focussed with good communication skills (helping make complex technical problems easily understood), candidates must be able to deal with setbacks whilst having good relationship skills, adaptability, humility, an open-minded approach and a good level of English

Typical educational background

  • 5 years of higher education, general business, technical and computing studies, telecoms, IT

  • Masters in a technology or business subject

  • Up to 5 years’ experience in a development role would be a plus

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