Communications Officer

Communications officers represent companies when it comes to image and reputation. Their ultimate goal is to make their brand as well-known as possible, winning over their target audience and encouraging them to buy their products and services. They’re keenly involved in lots of different areas within the vast universe of communications, including promoting events, dealing with crises, financial matters, press relations, new product launches and a whole lot more.

The life of a communications officer...

Improving their company’s reputation

Reputation and image are the cornerstone of any company’s identity. Communications officers work hard to strengthen and reinforce a company’s branding by running campaigns on various communications channels, depending on the target audience involved. They might work for specialist agencies, for a variety of different companies as freelancers, or develop their own in-house strategy alongside advertisers.

Enhancing their brand’s image

Making a brand or company liked is one of a communications officer’s biggest tasks, since this can make or break a company’s image. Whether dealing with customers, employees, communications agencies or the general public, a good communicator needs to know how to go about things the right way (in terms of creativity and originality) to charm their target audience and build their loyalty. 

Encouraging their target audience to act

The whole purpose of a communications officer’s role is to make sure a company’s communications campaigns are effective enough to trigger their target audience into reacting in one way or another. They may also be responsible for organising media events and other non-media initiatives (e.g. competitions, flyers, events, etc.) in order to continue boosting loyalty.

Required skills

Creativity, versatility, excellent interpersonal skills, a good level of English, listening skills, an inquisitive, pragmatic and responsive nature, keen interest in new technologies, diplomatic

Typical educational background

  • 2 to 5 years of higher education

  • Business studies background, specialising in communications

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