Market Researcher

Market researchers provide objective data on markets to help companies improve their sales offer, guiding their business development strategies as a result.

The life of a market researcher

Defining needs

Market researchers start by defining the type of market research that needs to be carried out, according to the issues a particular company is facing. They may work on both quantitative studies (i.e. pricing) and qualitative studies (i.e. looking into consumer expectations).

Overseeing research

Market researchers usually spend time working independently in the field, or else via an external service provider, supervising the work of junior researchers. Their goal is to gather enough reliable data for further analysis. They work alongside a variety of other stakeholders in marketing, both internal and external to their company, including marketing managers, market analysts, operational marketing and sales teams, survey companies, advertising agencies, research centres, pollsters, statisticians, and so on. Once they’ve conducted their field surveys and research, researchers will typically send the qualitative and/or quantitative data onto statisticians, who then generate the statistical data used in their analyses.

Analysing results and making strategic recommendations

A fundamental part of a market researcher’s job is to analyse and summarise all their results. They have to take an objective look at the data in order to be in a position to offer companies - their clients - strategic recommendations on how best to respond to the various issues identified at the start of their projects. Researchers send their recommendations onto the relevant departments within companies (sales, marketing, etc.) so they can go on to adapt their commercial offers.

Required skills

Candidates must be able to summarise and analyse vast amounts of data. Consequently, they need to be observant with a real taste for numbers and comfortable working with others.

Typical educational background

5 years of higher education, including statistics, marketing, econometrics, business studies or management.

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