Commissioning Engineer


Commissioning engineers are responsible for ensuring facilities and installations are calibrated to run properly in preparation for full start-up. True project managers at heart, they need to establish and ensure the commissioning of new facilities complies with all the processes and plans in place. They may work directly for clients (e.g. Fives) or within companies for a range of internal customers and departments (e.g. Suez Environment commissioning engineer roles). 

Sectors: industry, agriculture, chemistry, energy, environment, utilities, engineering, design

Monthly gross salary of a junior commissioning engineer: €2,000 - €3,000 (depending on experience)

Synonyms: start-up engineer, commissioning technician, industrial equipment start-up engineer, start-up technician

The life of a commissioning engineer...

  • Planning and organising the various phases of commissioning new facilities

  • Verifying facilities comply with the regulations in force

  • Bringing facilities into service

  • Providing technical support 

  • Drafting operating procedures and equipment manuals 

  • Training operators

  • Reporting on the progress of commissioning procedures 

Required skills

  • Good organisational skills

  • Able to work independently

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Diligent attitude

Typical educational background

  • 2 years of higher education, various subjects, depending on the seniority of the role

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