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Kolding, Denmark

Hvem er Gram Equipment?

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Gram Equipment was founded in 1901, and the company has since then developed into one of the leading suppliers of equipment and solutions for the ice cream industry worldwide. This prominent position was strengthened in 2014 when Gram Equipment acquired Waukesha/Cherry Burrel (WCB). With the acquisition, the two companies' combined resources and talent allowed for the continued supply of the very well-respected brand and quality products. Gram Equipment is now the leading global supplier of advanced equipment and process installations for industrial ice production. With an extensive global network of subsidiaries, agents, sales- and service offices, and more than 400 employees worldwide, Gram Equipment has the optimal base for fulfilling the customers’ demands. Gram Equipment is continuously striving to extend the portfolio of innovative solutions. We aim to ensure that our customers always meet the demand of their customers and consumers worldwide. At Gram Equipment, we want to contribute to the world around us. We want to take responsible and sustainable actions in our daily business, considering people, the environment, and society. Gram Equipment wants to be the best in class – driven by excellence in all we do! We want to ensure our customers’ success by providing know-how, innovative solutions, and global services. This vision and mission is the foundation for all our efforts.

Trust & Respect

We meet people with respect and regard trust and diversity as central elements in prosperous long-lasting relationships.

Ambition & Performance

We strive for excellence in all we do – driven by high ambitions and dedication to professional execution.


We strive to develop technical solutions using proven technology that provides our customers with innovative products and equipment.


We are dedicated and take ownership – we will walk the extra mile for customers and each other.

People focus

We invest time and resources in the continuous development of our employees, and we believe in the strength of diversity and a cross-functional organization.

Hvordan er det at arbejde hos Gram Equipment?

Gram Equipment-universet!

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Company Presentation

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Automation Engineering at Gram Equipment, Denmark

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Engineering at Gram Equipment, Denmark

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