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At Ericsson you’ll have a unique opportunity.

The chance to use your skills and imagination to push the boundaries of what’s possible. To create never-seen-before solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems.
 You’ll be challenged. But you won’t be alone. You’ll be part of a team of like-minded innovators, all driven to go beyond the status quo to build what comes next. You’ll collaborate across disciplines, borders and continents. You’ll be empowered to lead and perform at your best. You’ll shape technology for people, societies, industries and humanity. You’ll be part of a diverse community where you can bring your own perfectly-unique self to work.

At Ericsson you can be an explorer, a change maker and a force for good.

Imagine a better, brighter tomorrow. You can be the one who makes it possible.

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  • What makes your company a great place to work for young talents?

    At Ericsson, students can develop and flourish thanks to the wide range of options we offer. These include Summer Internships, Master Thesis projects, and Trainee Programs etc. We're all about nurturing talent, offering hands-on experiences, and cheering on your personal growth journey!

  • Is it possible to progress to a full-time position after an internship or apprenticeship?

    Yes, after an internship or apprenticeship you could explore full-time roles through our early career programs. It's your gateway to endless learning and pro growth!

  • Can students and recent graduates work remotely?

    In Ericsson, we value work-life balance. You can work remotely with our hybrid model. Embrace flexibility, work smart, and enjoy the journey with us

  • Do you have any particularly busy recruitment periods throughout the year?

    Our primary student recruitment happens from October to January, but opportunities pop up year-round for different roles. Stay tuned!

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Making the unimaginable possible

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Advance 5G application

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    180 countries

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    Professionalism • Respect • Perseverance • Integrity

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Already 2 actions completed 💚

  • Climate action: By 2040, we aim to achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emission across the value chain.

  • Digital inclusion: We power financial inclusion in underserved markets.