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CBS is considered one of the most prestigious business schools in Western Europe and the world

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Copenhagen Business School offers you an international environment that stimulates innovation, experiments and originality. We support the development opportunities of the individual employee by establishing a learning environment that promotes knowledge sharing (locally and globally), job enlargement and cooperative ways of working such as in teams, networks and projects. We offer a company culture that promotes venture spirit and the desire to experiment as well as a performance-based bonus system for employees at all levels. We facilitate international collaboration opportunities by providing professional support not only for incoming employees, but also for outbound employees staying abroad for a period.

Copenhagen Business School is recognised by the European Commission for its commitment to fostering good working conditions and career development for researchers by complying with The European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the recruitment of researchers (ECRCC). Learn more by clicking on the site HR Excellence in Research in the menu below to your right.


Faculty members recruited internationally have especially attractive conditions. Favourable tax conditions are offered to foreign faculty (assistant professor and up) for a 7 year period and all employees are guaranteed equal and free access to the Danish healthcare system and social security. We value each other's differences and offer equal opportunities for all employees in an internationally oriented working environment, which is diverse and characterised by interdisciplinary collaboration both internally, regionally and globally.


Copenhagen Business School wishes to create a working environment with a satisfactory balance between work and private life, which is beneficial to CBS as well as the individual staff member. The employee's needs for a high degree of flexibility are considered and balanced in view of the execution of tasks. CBS offers especially attractive conditions for families by for instance offering pregnancy/maternity/parental leave with salary and time off to care for your family.

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