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  • Recruitment

    2024 Internship at Airbus are open

    The 2024 Airbus internship recruitment campaign has started ! Get a unique opportunity to work in the Aerospace area alongside highly qualified employees, to broaden your horizons and learn new skills.  Join us to pioneer sustainable aerospace. Find something that fits your skills and abilities and apply on our Airbus Careers site: If you are a resident of France with a disability, email us at [email protected] if you have questions.

  • Meeting

    Join Airbus conference - "How Airbus innovation impacts society?"

    Do you want to know how Airbus innovation impacts society?  Then, join our LIVE U-Talk conference hosted by Airbus and broadcasted Live from the Paris Airshow on June 22nd at 11am CET. Airbus experts will share their insights on the current and future challenges faced by Airbus in the field of innovation including prototypes, digitalisation, and the impact these topics have on society. You will learn about  forward thinking technologies, groundbreaking research, and ambitious projects that have the potential to revolutionize our industry. Together, let's explore the endless possibilities that arise when engineering excellence meets societal impact. We look forward to welcoming you to our event. Registration Link :

  • Other

    Empowering athletes to achieve the extraordinary

    High-level sport is much like high-tech industry, where innovation, precision and attention to detail play a key role. And Paralympic Fencing is no exception, as French Paralympic foil and sabre fencer Maxime Valet well knows.  

  • Other

    Constellations of opportunities

    The growing number of satellite constellations is opening exciting new opportunities for everything from improved connectivity and communications to enhanced observation and security – with Airbus taking a lead enabler role through its small, capable spacecraft that are made on a digitised production line.

  • Recruitment


    Vous êtes étudiant(e) en dernière année ou jeune diplômé(e) ? Vous êtes intéressé(e) par une opportunité unique de lancer votre carrière et d'élargir vos horizons ?  Participez à notre événement Job Dating chez Airbus à Toulouse pour les postes CDI juniors et découvrez comment vous pouvez contribuer à faire de l'aérospatiale durable une réalité.  [SAVE THE DATE] Les candidats présélectionnés se verront offrir une expérience de recrutement immersive exclusive d'une demi-journée sur notre site Airbus à Toulouse, le 4 ou le 5 avril. Au programme : Visite de nos installations Airbus, y compris notre I-Studio, rencontre avec des employés, des managers, des responsables de production et l'équipe RH. Airbus n'aura plus de secrets pour vous ! Postuler maintenant  :

  • Other

    Going back to the Moon couldn’t happen without us

    50 years after their last visit, humans will soon land on the Moon again. Why the historic mission would not be possible without Airbus - hand in hand with the European Space Agency - and how it could enrich our lives on Earth - Guillaume Faury, Mike Schoellhorn and Jean-Marc Nasr exclusively provide all the details. 

  • Company life

    Satellite imagery: protecting the environment and assisting humanitarian aid

    Every year, the Airbus Foundation delivers satellite imagery covering tens of thousands of square kilometres around the globe to support its partners involved in humanitarian aid and protecting the environment. As the number of requests continues to grow, the Foundation has significantly extended the range of products and services offered – including new types of imagery, photo interpretation analysis support and training sessions to increase the partners’ ability to understand and analyse what they’re seeing.