Pioneering the European way to space, for the well-being of all citizens in a safe world

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ArianeGroup is a world leader in access to space, working for Europe’s strategic independence.

We design and create innovative and competitive launch systems:

• Civil launchers, the Ariane rocket – the European launchers that place satellites into orbit for space applications on Earth and exploring the Universe.

• Military launchers: the M51 missile - missiles in the French oceanic deterrent force, contributing to Europe’s strategic independence.

Space benefits for everyone :

The satellites we launch are technological infrastructures operating in space. They enable the development and delivery of many activities of high value to society, notably in:

• The telecommunications sector, by providing access to telephone, radio, and television services, and to the internet,

• Earth observation, for environmental monitoring including climate change , weather forecasting, etc.

• Navigation services, for optimising of all types of transportation (road, maritime, air) and for precision farming

• Defence and security, through military satellites

• Research, with satellites collecting a wealth of data to push scientific knowledge ever forward

How is it working with them? 

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“Ce qui me passionne c’est de faire d’ArianeGroup le Capitaine d’une équipe industrielle passionnante, qui joue au meilleur niveau.”

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“Lorsque l’on rejoint ArianeGroup et que l’on rencontre des collaborateurs passionnés par leur travail, cette passion est contagieuse. ”

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“C’est une entreprise dynamique, à la pointe de la technologie. On s’y renouvelle constamment, on a plein d’opportunités. ”

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    Trust • Collaboration • Customer orientation • Spirit of conquest

Their CSR commitments

Already 3 actions completed 💚

  • We reduce our energy consumption by 20% - 12% of our electricity consumption comes from solar panels

  • Ariane 6's transport footprint is reduced thanks to Canopée, 1st hybrid cargo ship to Kourou, Guyana

  • We ensure health & safety at work with a very low rate of work related accidents within the industry

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