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  • Recruitment

    BDO junior consulting jobs in the spotlight!

    Dear students, Some of you will be writing the last words of your master thesis, some of you will be studying for the last exams in June. We want you to know that all this hard word will be rewarded with a beautiful summer and hopefully a nice and impactful job!  From all BDO Belgium colleagues we wish you good luck and courage for the last efforts.  Are you looking for a job after graduating? Please have a look at our final open positions. Most of our junior positions have been filled but we're still lokking ofr some extraordinary talents in these teams: Junior Audit Consultant Antwerp Junior Consultant Accounting & Reporting Antwerp/Zaventem/Brussels Junior Tax Consultant Melle Junior Software Implementation Consultant Zaventem Junior Transfer Prining Consultant Antwerp/Brussels Junior Estate Planning Consultant Brussels Junior VAT & Customs Consultant Antwerp Junior International Mobility Services Consultant Zaventem Junior Compliance Consultant Zaventem Interested in more information? Please send your cv to campus recruiter Emma Lynn: [email protected] 

  • Recruitment

    Swipe and find your perfect job match

    BDO’s Job Revealer Forget about Tinder, Bumble or other dating apps. With BDO’s Job Revealer you’ll find your dream job in no time!   Every swipe a step closer to your match made in heaven The concept is simple: Just swipe right or left on a series of games we all played as kids. With each of these games, you’ll get a couple of characteristics linked to a specific finance job at BDO. At the end of the game, you’ll get a job recommendation at BDO based on your interests and which games you loved most and maybe still play. And if you want to know more, you can always get together with one of our campus recruiters for a virtual coffee call. So, ready to find the job you’re truly meant for? Play BDO’s Job Revealer now!  If you’re old school and not made for these swiping apps, you can always check out our Young Graduate jobs right here:

  • Company life

    BDO Virtual Coffee Call

    Not sure yet what you would like to do after graduating next year? Campus Recruiters at BDO, Lulu and Emma Lynn, would love to help you find the perfect job in consulting. Register now for a virtual coffee call and we'll help you find a job that matches your passion!  NL: FR: BDO Belgium offers jobs and stages in Audit, Accounting, Tax, Legal, Digital Consulting, Risk Advisory, Financial Advisory and Strategy & Transformation. Discover our jobs now: Make it personal Make it exciting Make it count #MakeItCount #VirtualCoffeeCall #ConsultingJobs

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    BDO Dining Out 2023 recap!

    It’s a wrap! Last month, we held our very last BDO Dining Out of this edition.   Over the last weeks, we organised informal eat & greets with our colleagues in cities all over Belgium. Time for a quick recap:   - 8 locations in all student cities: Leuven, Gent, Antwerp, Namur, Louvain-la-Neuve, Brussels, Liège, Hasselt - 268 students participated and got to know our personal way of working - 124 BDO colleagues joined the diners (of which 13 business partners and our CEO) - 31 students already applied and 6 of them already got hired Thank you so much to everyone who joined or contributed to this edition of BDO Dining Out!   A special shout out to our campus recruiters Emma Lynn Teirlinck & Lulu meng and of course to each and every BDO Ambassador, BDO Proud!   See you next year! Make it personal Make it delicious Make it count   #DiningOut #campus #recruitment #Makeitcount #BDOProud

  • Company life

    BDO’s journey towards sustainability

    Sustainability is an ever-increasing concept in the world and therefore also in the workplace. BDO Belgium is no exception. Together with many other companies, governments and individuals, BDO Belgium is striving for an ever greener society.  BDO Belgium is trying to do its bit in the fight against high CO2 emissions and the ecological footprint of the Belgian. Various adjustments have already been made such as gradually changing from a fuel fleet to an electric fleet of company cars, solar panels on the company buildings and consciously managing the temperatures and lighting in the office spaces. Plastic is greatly reduced on the shop floor thanks to water dispensers, as every employee can fill his drinking can with both flat and sparkling water. In addition, BDO Belgium offers a high degree of flexibility. Teleworking is encouraged on the one hand to offer employees variation in their workplace and guarantee them a better work-life balance. On the other hand, this way BDO Belgium reduces the ecological footprint of its employees by reducing the number of trips by car and minimizing energy consumption in the office buildings. The transition to a new and more sustainable development model is a structural challenge that we take on as a responsible company for ourselves, our clients and society. Since BDO Belgium believes in the phrase "walk your talk," some targets were set. Some of these targets include: 60% of employees to work from home at least 2 days a week Have 1/3rd of meetings take place online 100% operation on green energy Achieve 80% less paper consumption through digitization Create a company car fleet of which at least 45% is electric Increase the number of drivers eco-driving by 25% Improve the tire pressure of company vehicles by 30% Did you know: Better tire pressure reduces CO2 emissions. With less friction with the road surface, less tire grit will also come off and be left on the track. In this way, fuel consumption can also be greatly reduced. Want to know more about ESG within BDO Belgium? Check out our site. Want to know more about job opportunities within BDO Belgium? Take a look at our vacancy portal. 

  • Recruitment

    Diploma almost in hand, what now?

    "Do I want to go to work, intern somewhere or would I rather continue my studies?" This is a question that is extremely popular among Belgian students. That is why BDO offers not one but all three options! BDO offers you the advantages of an international office, but with a pleasant and family-like working atmosphere. You want to perform at top level, but in a pleasant environment with great colleagues. You want to become a partner, but also have time and space after working hours for family, friends, hobbies, etc. You want to get that one extra diploma, but also be able to put the knowledge you have gained at school into practice.  In short: you want it all! And that is possible. At BDO you don't have to choose. BDO is an international consulting firm specializing in Audit & Assurance, Accountancy & Business Consulting, Tax & Legal, Advisory and Digital. But what exactly does this mean.... Don't read about it but experience it yourself during one of our many events. No need to travel because we come to your student city. Check out the last events of the semester where BDO will be present below, see you there!   Location Date Event Organizer Brussels 18/11/2023 Talent Fair @ Finance Avenue Trust Media Brussels 21/11/2023 Internship Fair Brussels KU Leuven ECO Gent 21/11/2023 Job Fair VRG Gent VRG Gent Louvain La Neuve 22/11/2023 Job day UCL Droit UCL Droit Leuven 22/11/2023 Sector night Electronics & IT Industria Gent 27/11/2023 VTK Gent Internship Fair VTK Gent Antwerp 28/11/2023 Career Day Wikings Wikings Antwerp 29/11/2023 AMS Career Fair AMS Leuven 29/11/2023 Internship Fair VTK Leuven VTK Leuven Hasselt 5/12/2023 Limburgse Job Fair UHasselt   Aren't any of these dates available? No worries in the second semester there are still fun things planned! Let’s have a virtual coffee call? Can't make it to one of our events? Do you want more information around BDO but are not sure yet what exactly you want to do after graduation? Then register for a Virtual Coffee Call with our campus recruiter! You can leave your details and indicate your availability via this link.

  • Recruitment

    Junior Consultant @ BDO

    Looking for a first job after graduating in 2024? Check our our open junior positions: Junior Audit Consultant Junior Accounting & Reporting Consultant Junior Digital Consultant Junior Data Scientist Junior Software Implementation Consultant Junior Corporate Finance Consultant Junior Legal Consultant Junior Risk Advisory Consultant Junior Strategy & Transformation Consultant Junior Tax Consultant (generalist or specialization VAT, international mobility services, Transfer Pricing) Not sure yet? Register for a virtual coffee call: NL: FR:

  • Recruitment

    Stage @ BDO

    Looking for an internship for coming academic year? Consider BDO! We offer internships in: Audit Accounting & Reporting Tax Legal Send your cv to one of our Campus Recruiters to have a first introduction: FR: [email protected] NL: [email protected]