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Our mission

Is to create people-focused solutions that help entrepreneurs succeed.

Why, you say? 

Because by helping entrepreneurs to maximize their potential, we believe they can realize and fulfil their goals. 

Caring for those we serve is the core of everything we do. That’s one of many reasons we build and develop services that enhances entrepreneurs.

What we do

Betao is a rising star on the French legal tech market. We’re a Swedish-French tech company based in Stockholm that builds tools and services that help entrepreneurs succeed. We are proud to be one of the largest French websites for self-entrepreneurs’ incorporation and run the largest self-entrepreneurs community in France. Betao is working for and with our users to build a service that’s fair, transparent and a delight to use! 

At Betao, we are creating a portfolio of products that helps entrepreneurs build successful companies. We leverage our position as market leader to kickstart new ventures and are always looking to find new ways to help our customers.

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