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Relentlessly Client-Focused

We know it’s not enough to say we’re relentlessly client-focused—so we prove it every day, through adaptability, ingenuity and technology. It’s how we can proactively respond to environmental, social and governance developments, all while providing peerless client experiences.

BNY Mellon is only as strong as its culture. Which is why we encourage critical thinking, fresh perspectives and a drive to create an environment predicated on ingenuity.

Upholding our core tenets of curiosity and accountability means investing in undergraduates through structured programs like our Sophomore Summit and our Summer Analyst Program, while our cross-functional business model encourages career mobility. We’re seeking passionate, talented students who want to make their mark on the financial industry.

Culture & values

Our purpose, values and behaviours are the core of BNY Mellon’s culture. We are committed to weaving these words into a dynamic story of growth.

With nearly 50,000 innovative minds working together in 35 countries, we are a truly worldwide organization servicing clients with a wide array of financial needs. Our culture is guided by values and behaviors focused on excellence, integrity, diversity and leadership.

Every day, we strive to be an employer of choice and destination for top talent – a place where our people are proud to work. Our global team embodies the diversity and potential of today’s world, with a dynamic, inclusive environment that offers opportunities and support to lead, learn, volunteer, grow and build fulfilling careers.

Equality, diversity & inclusion

In today's complex financial world, we must explore each challenge by approaching it from multiple perspectives. Diversity and inclusion are our differentiating strengths that ensure we continue to look forward.

Nurturing Diverse Talent

Our enduring ambition is to build the best global team—one that is inclusive of differing perspectives, backgrounds and experiences, and represents the increasingly varied markets and clients we serve.

Creating an Inclusive Culture

What we do defines who we are. That's why we deliver programs that support well-being and offer a range of family-friendly, inclusive employment policies and employee forums to support the engagement, development and advancement of our people.

Setting a Market Standard

We stand by our actions. We set goals with specific targets that prioritize diversity and inclusion throughout the talent life cycle, from recruitment and development to retention and advancement. And we speak out on the important issues that affect our employees, and society at large.

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    Nurturing Diverse Talent • Creating an Inclusive Culture • Relentlessly Client-Focused • Setting a Market Standard