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  • Recruitment

    Credendo at the Ekonomika Career Brunch on October 13

    Looking for a 1st job opportunity? Join us at the Ekonomika vzw Career Brunch on 13th of October, (from 11:00 am – 14:30 pm) in #Leuven. Our colleagues Mrs Karen Jordens and Ine Declerck will be happy to welcome you!

  • Other

    Comic book: Omerta à Luanda

    Credendo’s history is closely tied to the history of  Belgium, which has always been the homeland of the ninth art, with works pioneering authors behind Tintin and Spirou magazines continuing to make their mark internationally. That’s why it only makes sense that we celebrate our 100 years with “Belgitude”. We are proud to present to you “Omerta à Luanda”, our comic book that gives readers a sneak peek into life at Credendo beyond its usual business as a credit insurance group. Credendo entrusted two seasoned comic book authors,  Luca Malisan (line art) and Rudi Miel (storyline), with the development of a plot, built around scenes, memories and anecdotes told to them by staff members. Reality and fiction intertwine, resulting in an amazing and exciting story, Largo Winch style. Since our stakeholders are spread across Europe, we translated this story to the 10 languages used throughout the group. We have a limited number of free copies to offer, so hurry up and order your copy now in your preferred language (FR/NL/EN): We hope you will find as much pleasure reading it as we had making it.

  • Recruitment

    Participation to the Virtual Solvay Career Day 2021

    Tuesday we had the pleasure to participate at the virtual Solvay Career Day 2021. The event was organised by Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (SBS-EM) - ULB. Being, ambassador of Credendo to this event, we had the opportunity to discuss with many students regarding their first career steps into the financial industry and to further elaborate on potential employment opportunities within Credendo. We would like to wish to each and every student good luck with their research. The challenges that you are currently facing due to the restrictive measures are though. Keep pushing and great things will happen!

  • Company life


    This year, we celebrate a century of forging strong links between entrepreneurs and their export markets, as well as creating tailor-made solutions, for large companies and SMEs. This 100-year milestone, is not only a celebration of the past and all the efforts that brought us here, but also an inspiring motivation to strive for a stronger and brighter future for export worldwide. Learn more about our journey by visiting this page:

  • Other

    Arab states restore ties with Qatar

    Event Three and a half years after it started, a hug between Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, before the start of the GCC summit seems to put an end to the rift between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The development comes after Kuwait and the USA brokered the deal between both countries and the détente seems to be triggered by the upcoming change in the US government. The three other countries that participated in the boycott are expected to follow suit. Nevertheless, while this step will ease regional tensions, underlying differences between the countries are expected to remain, as Qatar will continue its independent course. Impact Mid-2017, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt cut diplomatic ties with Qatar and blocked all land, sea and air links with the country. This happened as they claimed Qatar was sponsoring terrorism and undermining the security of its neighbours. The main trigger was Qatar’s independent foreign policy as it supported the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah and had friendly ties with Iran. Now the restoration of ties comes without any significant alteration of Qatar’s foreign policy. In general, the Qatari economy weathered the boycott well, largely due to the support measures of the government. Among others, the government intervened to support the local banking sector that was facing withdraws from depositors in the boycotting countries and supported the flag carrier that was facing increased costs due to the airspace closure of the boycotting countries. The boycott especially affected commercial risk and was particularly hard at the beginning of the boycott. Indeed, real GDP contracted by 1.5% in 2017 and remained subdued in the following years. This impact, however, is dwarfed by the Covid-19 crisis and the subsequent drop in oil prices that led to a 4.5% contraction of GDP in 2020. Medium- to long-term political risk classification was, however, also impacted by the increase in external borrowing (total external debt to GDP rose to more than 125% of GDP in 2019). The lifting of the blockade will have an important positive impact on the longer-term development plans of Qatar, as in the years before and during the boycott the country invested heavily in a number of sectors significantly affected by the blockade. Most notably in the local banking sector that was expanding regionally and was suddenly cut off from its clients. Secondly, the country’s ports and airports were expanded to develop the country into a regional transportation hub as Qatari ships were no longer allowed to moor into the ports of the four countries ports and the flag carrier was no longer allowed to use their airspace. This has significantly increased costs. Additionally, almost all sectors relying on imports have been facing increased costs, for example the construction sector and the food sector. Now that the blockade has been lifted, a steady normalisation is expected, which will positively impact the economy. Analyst: Jan-Pieter Laleman

  • Company life

    Credendo awarded by the CO2-Neutral Label

    We are pleased to announce that our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint were, for the second time, rewarded by CO2logic with the CO2-Neutral label "OFFICE". We’ve been measuring our carbon footprint since 2010, and we have managed to reduce it by almost one third since then. We engaged in a long-term process but we are aware that we cannot cancel all our emissions. We therefore decided to compensate those emissions by supporting a project in Ghana that aims at reducing CO2 emissions over there. All these actions combined made us earn the label – which we’re obviously very proud of.

  • Other

    Season's Greetings!

    After all the challenges 2020 has put us through, we wish you a peaceful and quiet end of the year. Stay safe, celebrate with your loved ones, and let's get ready for a fresh start in 2021! Best wishes from Credendo.

  • Company life

    Employee Experience is the new Customer Experience!

    We are always looking for ways to perfect customer experience. However, we know that in order to do that, we need to boost employee experience first. To engage our employees in the concept of excellent customer experience, we launched several contests and games, and handed out prizes to the winners. We also held a photo challenge to make them reflect on “customer experience”. We appealed to their creativity, and we are proud to say that they came through. Here’s a small selection of the submitted photos..