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Delacre is a reknown FMCG company active in the food sector since 1891

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1170 Bruxelles, Belgique

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Our brand is a guarantee of quality and for over a century we have been committed to satisfying our customers.

Biscuits Delacre is a leader in the branded biscuit sector and produces some of the most famous Belgian fine biscuits in the world.

The Delacre story begins with our founder Charles Delacre, who opened his first shop in the heart of Brussels in 1873. A pioneer in the creation of new delights, he combined the expertise of century-old European pastry with authentic and delicious Belgian chocolate.

At Biscuits Delacre, we are proud to make irresistible fine Belgian biscuits available in 40 original recipe varieties and sold in over 15 countries worldwide.

The range includes some of our favourite biscuits such as Tea Time Assortments, Délichoc, Cigarettes Russes, Biarritz, Marquisettes, ... The main markets are France and Belgium, and Delacre is also increasingly present in Germany, the United States and Canada, as well as expanding into new markets.

Inspired by the enthusiasm and passion of more than 600 professionals, Delacre is now the market leader in fine assorted biscuits. Every year, more than 1.5 billion biscuits are sold to inspire thousands of consumers to enjoy and share unique moments together.

Delacre has 2 production sites located in the north of France and in Belgium, with the head office in Brussels. 

Fine Biscuits Company Group

Since 2020, Delacre is part of an international group. We collaborate on a daily basis with our sister company Kelsen in Denmark, where the most delicious butter biscuits are produced. We also have an R&D center within our group, focusing on new flavors and recipe enhancements. This R&D center prepares our companies for the future!

Together we are Fine Biscuits Company Group: an international group with employees present in more than 3 countries, but working as one team every day.

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