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Haarslev was founded in 1973 in Denmark and is a manufacturing, engineering and services company with its origins in
sustainable thinking – long before the word ever entered mainstream awareness or sociopolitical requirements.
We provide the engineering, hardware, technology and software/control capabilities that enable companies to recover,
recycle, upcycle and repurpose valuable resources often otherwise seen as waste or destined for disposal via landfill or

Haarslev hardware, software and services enable our customers to turn the vast quantities of by-products, co-products,
leftovers and off-cuts from processing meat, poultry and fish – as well as certain types of industrial operations – into
valuable, useful proteins, minerals, biofuels and food and feed ingredients. We install, commission, monitor, service
and update such robust, well-engineered solutions to keep them operating without unnecessary interruptions and at
maximum efficiency, over an exceptionally long service life.

Four Specialist Fields

Haarslev focuses on four industry segments:
• Meat rendering
• Poultry processing
• Fish processing
• Industrial processing

Deeply rooted expertise and experience across all these specialist segments mean Haarslev is able to anticipate market
developments and technology shifts, enabling us to adjust and streamline our business accordingly, and to serve
Haarslev customers to the highest standard. Haarslev products and solutions cover the full service life – from design
and manufacturing to service and installation, followed by responsible de-commissioning and disposal of the

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