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    Our apprenticeship campaign continues at HPE :) We are mainly looking for Sales and Engineering profiles for apprenticeship contracts. So if you are familiar with the IT sector, if you master the language of Shakespeare .... give it a try and do not hesitate to consult our offers on Jobteaser :) We will be happy to meet you.

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    HPE Early Careers Committee 2020/21

    HPE’s Early Careers Committee has an integral role within the organisation with a key aim of driving engagement and creating a positive experience for all HPE UKI Early Career Employees.   In the UK & Ireland we currently have 250+ Early Careers, at HPE this is made up of our interns, apprentices, and graduates. HPE invests a lot into its Early Careers and their developments, as it recognises that they’re the future of our business.   The Committee itself is made up of interns allowing them to have influence over their own and their peers experience at HPE.   Beside my day-to-day role, I act as the Early Careers Committee Lead, co-ordinating the three teams that make up the group (Charity  & Volunteering, Networking & Social, and Marketing & Communications). I also direct our vision and purpose for the year, helping to achieve our 3 key goals:  Inspire Culture – HPE supports its employee’s wellbeing and collective beliefs to create a positive working culture, and the Early Careers Committee helps to support this within the Early Career cohort. A prime example of this is our collaboration with HPE’s employee resource groups (ERGs): WoMEN@HPE, CulturalDiversity@HPE and Pride@HPE.  Engagement – The committee has always had a core role of bringing the Early Careers together and engaging them to form a community. This year with employees working from home, this has become an increasingly crucial focus for the us, with the teams getting creative to organise virtual charity & networking events. Some highlights include:  ‘Race to 28’: a virtual team exercise challenge in aid of MIND.  ‘Let’s Get Connecting’: an initiative to regularly connect groups of interns and provide them with an opportunity to network.  ‘Wear Pink Wednesday’: a charity campaign - UKI colleagues dressed in pink attire or added a pink Zoom background on calls for Breast Cancer Awareness month, in aid of Breast Cancer Haven.  Development – Despite the challenges this year has brought there has been a continued focus on Early Careers development from the committee with a number of career talks and trainings sessions organised this year.  To learn more about their experience & showcase their work in leading the committee’s efforts this year, I spoke to three of our team leaders.  How has being in an ECC helped with your day job? Nia Kendrick – Networking & Social Team Lead  “Having this time doing something else has given me the opportunity to detach from my day job, meaning that I’ve not been burnt out or lacking motivation for my tasks. It’s also been a great opportunity to spend some time with other interns.  Olivia Hall – Charity & Volunteering Team Lead  “I’ve found that being a part of the team has split up my day to day job, provided an outlet for creativity and enabled me to mix with team members from other areas of the business.”  Megan Marshall – Marketing & Communications Team Lead  “Being immersed in a team like this has expanded my support network. As well as that, I’ve learnt how to juggle opportunities and work on multiple tasks and activities.”  How has it been valuable to you? Nia  “Not only has the ECC really helped me to get to know interns that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise, but it’s also really helped my confidence in leading a team. When I look back on a year ago, I can really see a difference in my confidence and it really helped me to come out of my shell.”  Olivia  “Other than working with a lovely group over the past year, keeping a team motivated and on-track is a great skill to have learnt and exercised every day.”  Megan  “I’ve found value in the leadership and communication skills that I’ve picked up through managing a committee like this.”  What do you hope for the future of ECC?   Nia  “I hope that the Early Careers Committee continues to help other interns to improve and develop their skills in the same way it’s helped me. I also hope that it will keep people regularly connecting, improving their relationships and getting to know their peers, because it’s been a really beneficial experience for me both personally and professionally.”  Olivia  “I’m looking forward to seeing what the new committee are able to achieve, bringing a fresh pair of eyes to the opportunities out there. I really hope that the future of the committee continues to bring our community together.”  Megan  “I’m hoping for sustained success for the early careers committee. This year’s cohort have organised, created, and led some fantastic activities and opportunities for early careers and I really hope this expands and improves year on year.” 

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    Meet Matthew - Intern to Full Time

    During my senior year of college, I attended a job fair at UC Santa Cruz with the hopes of landing an internship with HPE. I was interested in learning more about the CloudOps team at Aruba, HPE because of the overlap between my personal interests in tech and the software they produce. I spoke with two engineers from the team who filled me in about the exciting work they do. Speaking with them showed me that interning here would expand my understanding and technical skills in software development.  After going through the interview process, I was extremely excited to receive an offer for an internship with Aruba in March 2020. This amazing experience was going to set the course for my career. I was placed on the automation portion of Aruba’s CloudOps team and was given the opportunity to learn about many incredible and cutting-edge services.  As my college graduation was approaching, I received the call from HPE that I was hoping for. I was offered a full-time position as a Site Reliability Engineer with Aruba. Instantly, I accepted the offer and was thrilled to begin my career with such a renowned company.  I was able to quickly transition from intern to engineer with the support of my team members and managers. Over the course of my short tenure at HPE, I have enjoyed my team’s collaboration and honest feedback, which has given me the tools that I need to excel.  Due to COVID-19, we have all worked in a remote capacity. However, this has not stopped Aruba’s CloudOps team from producing new products. While I enjoy working from home, I look forward to getting back into the office and working alongside my teammates.  My advice to future potential interns is to go for it. Make sure that you apply for the job, even if you do not believe that you have all of the qualifications that HPE is looking for. If you have a passion for tech and the drive to succeed, HPE can teach you the rest. Matthew is an avid hiker and tech guru. He received his degree in computer science from the University of California, Santa Cruz in June 2020. Though he started his career in the midst of COVID-19, he does not let these challenging times hold him back from achieving success. He works extremely hard to push himself forward in his career and knows that his colleagues at HPE have been instrumental in that process. In his free time, he enjoys staying active, reading, and taking on new coding 

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    Early Careers drives Cultural Diversity at HPE

    At HPE, we celebrate diversity. We are a global community, living and breathing cultural diversity throughout our organisation.   HPE’s Cultural Diversity Group was established in 2019 to recognise and celebrate a variety of cultural dates. The 30-strong group volunteer their time to help deepen the understanding of cultural diversity across the organisation, exploring how our individual differences can make us more successful together.   Our colleagues celebrate a range of religious and cultural events throughout the year. The Cultural Diversity Group raises the profile of these events amongst colleagues to increase awareness and understanding. The group makes educational resources available, and sometimes colleagues get treated to some traditional cuisine.  Megan Marshall and Hannah Munden are HPE interns and have taken on the responsibility of becoming Cultural Diversity Group ambassadors.  Megan heard about the group when she first started at HPE, as part of her onboarding. She recognised the fantastic opportunity in becoming an ambassador to network with people outside her role and use her passion for organising events.  Megan said, “It’s motivating and satisfying bringing value to an organisation and is what drew me to cultural diversity. Making an impact and organising events and celebrations is a great thing to get involved with. As an ambassador, I have had the opportunity to lead, manage and coordinate cultural dates and celebrations. It has been amazing to broaden my knowledge and understanding of religious events and traditions and work alongside such fantastic individuals”.  Hannah heard about the group through word-of-mouth, but instantly knew it was for her. She too realised the opportunity to learn more from others at HPE and help the organisation celebrate diversity. Hannah is now keen to advocate for cultural diversity in any future workforce she finds herself in.  Hannah said, “It is a great way to unite people and establish a greater culture within an organisation. There are many skills that I have developed during this role, which are important to me as an early careers member that I believe will support my career as it progresses. These include project management, diverse team collaboration, creative and strategic thinking and of course cultural awareness. Getting involved has been fantastic and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get involved in something a little extra”.  Both interns have worked on events for Chinese New Year, Black History Month, Yom Kippur, Easter and many more, compiling information packs, creating competitions and contributing to blogs, helping raise awareness.  The group has had a great impact on both Megan and Hannah, teaching them transferable skills such as negotiation and teamwork, and giving them an opportunity to lead, manage and coordinate events. It’s also highlighted the importance of cultural diversity and given them insight into the diverse culture within HPE.  Megan said, “Having a group that raises awareness of cultural diversity is significant within an organisation. It brings so many benefits to a workforce; it improves cultural insights, company reputation, employee engagement and inspires and drives creativity.”  Whilst recognising the significance of each event, HPE’s Cultural Diversity Group have a lot of fun. The ambassadors share food and recipes as well as helping others with foreign languages and learning local customs, traditions and cultures.