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Jyske Banks vindmølle står på Hirtshals havn, hvor den har gjort Jyske Bank CO2-neutral i elforbrug siden 1. juli 2020.

As a student or recent graduate, you will step into a world of career opportunities at Jyske Bank. We aim to make a difference for you by providing the chance to explore and achieve your professional goals.

Are you interested in being part of a workplace that doesn't just follow trends but creates them? Jyske Bank is a place where innovation, values, and social responsibility goes hand in hand to make a real difference.

Professionally Challenging Workplace

Trust, competence, and engagement are key terms for us. We trust our employees and believe that significant autonomy yields significant results.

We want to grow and evolve together, hence you'll gradually take on more responsibility and face more challenges as you develop professionally. It's a high priority for us to offer professional, personal, and leadership development so that you're well-supported as a new employee. We root for you all the way, providing the support you need – in recognition and developmental opportunities. There will be ongoing dialogue between you and your manager, and we'll assist you well on your way to fulfill your ambitions through conversations regarding your career and learning opportunities – whether you aim to advance within your current field or explore new areas.

Jyske Bank Community

We aim to offer you the best foundation for success, believing it arises from strong relationships and a healthy social life in the workplace. At Jyske Bank, you can estblish your own professional network through our Ungenetværk and Jyske Fritid. There should be freedom to do things other than work with your colleagues, and we want you to become part of a camaraderie that extends beyond the desk. Ungenetværket is a gathering point for the new generation of Jyske Bank employees, offering casual meetups over a soda or beer, thrilling mini-golf tournaments, and much more. Through Jyske Fritid, you can invite friends from your private sphere or bring your good colleagues along to events such as concerts, movie nights, theater, wine tasting, and comedy - there's a wide array of entertainment and fun experiences with your new colleagues just waiting for you.

Value-Based Behavior and Leadership

Our values are our foundation. They serve as guidelines that bind us together and govern our actions in everything we do, both towards each other and towards others.

Therefore, our leadership is value-based. This means that both the management and other employees use our set of values as an internal compass when making decisions. Each employee will experience having decision-making power,  and responsibilities that align with their role and competencies.

We believe that each employee can and will take responsibility for solving their own tasks. At Jyske Bank, you become part of a community where you have the opportunity to think differently, be creative, and innovative, as we love to shake out great ideas and challenge the status quo: We can always get better.

Our Commitment

We conduct sustainable and responsible banking operations, where our commitment is to make a difference through the ambition of being a Better Bank. We challenge the financial industry and strive to have a positive impact on each other, our customers, and anyone who comes into contact with us. We believe in being considerate of our employees and society, aiming to be a positive influence by creating a sustainable workplace. We prioritize social, economic, and environmental aspects with a goal of contributing to long-term well-being.

"At Jyske Bank, there is a strong focus on employee well-being and development. I experience having a good dialogue with my manager regarding future development areas and further education. If you're interested, you can quickly take on responsibilities within secure frameworks, with great opportunities for collaboration with colleagues possessing a high level of expertise. There's a significant emphasis on social events, allowing one to get to know colleagues across the organization." - Henriette Søvndahl, Graduate in IT Security Specialist

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    Honesty • Initiative • Common sense • Equality • Informality

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  • We have loans totaling 119 billion DKK in areas that counteract climate change

  • Competent employees are crucial to our success, and we focus on onboarding graduates

  • Everyone should experience joy at work, equal rights, and opportunities for development