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  • Challenge

    KPMG Luxembourg X ING Night Marathon

    2024 Checklist: Run a marathon   Congratulations to all our #TeamBlue members who took part in the ING Night Marathon! Your determination and perseverance inspire us all.   This year, a whopping 200 of our people participated, and whether you ran, walked, or cheered on your friends and colleagues from the sidelines, each and every one of you played a vital role in making the event a success.   At KPMG Luxembourg, we believe in the power of pushing boundaries and achieving milestones. If you’re passionate about challenging yourself and being part of a supportive team, then join us. Together, we can reach new heights! ➡

  • Company life

    Luxembourg: the land of all possibilities #1

    In the global economic arena, Luxembourg stands tall with a prestigious AAA rating and public debt at just 24.4% of GDP, showcasing its fiscal prowess. Bucking trends, Luxembourg consistently outpaces the EU average in growth, driven by a dynamic economy spanning from traditional industries like steel to cutting-edge sectors like digital services. Investor protection is paramount here, backed by unshakeable political stability, while its labor market thrives on open dialogue, minimizing disruptions and maximizing productivity. With decades of robust employment growth averaging 3.0%, Luxembourg is not just stable—it's a powerhouse of resilience, setting the pace for economic excellence worldwide. Interested in joining a leading company in the Financial Sector? Apply now: Job Search ( (Inspired by Stability - Why Luxembourg - Luxembourg for Finance)

  • Company life

    Finance Works for Women Day

    Together, we're breaking barriers and shaping the future of finance!   Our Finance Works for Women Day was filled with empowerment, networking and inspiring conversations about gender diversity and inclusion in the world of finance. Thank you to everyone who attended, including our KPMG members who provided invaluable insights and encouragement for the next generation.   Ready to join #TeamBlue? Find opportunity everywhere on the link below.

  • Company life

    KPMG Podcast #2: Tokenization

    Digital assets are taking the financial sector by storm. That’s why our Head of Digital Assets Services Said Fihri sat down with Olivier Portenseigne, CEO of FundsDLT, to discuss #tokenization, blockchain technology, and all things digital assets. Tune in to our latest episode of Conversations, powered by #KPMGLuxembourg ➡️ #DigitalGold #ConversationsPoweredbyKPMGLuxembourg 

  • Company life

    KPMG Plage is BACK

    Kick off your summer at KPMG Plage!  We are happy to announce that KPMG Plage is coming back to Kirchberg for its 8th edition! Get ready to be transported to the beach, join us at our headquarters from 12 to 21 June. Our doors will be open to the public Monday through Friday for lunch and in the evening of 17 June, so come and say hi! At KPMG Plage you can bask in the sun and dip your toes in the sand all while enjoying refreshing summer food and drinks. We can’t wait to welcome you all to our beach paradise in the city 👉 #KPMGPlage2024

  • Recruitment

    Management Consulting and Risk Consulting Recruitment Day

    Monday, 22nd of April marked an exhilarating chapter as KPMG Luxembourg orchestrated the Management #Consulting and Risk #Consulting #RecruitmentDay!  We were overjoyed to welcome 47 eager candidates, each brimming with potential and ready to embark on their journey with #TeamBlue. A massive shoutout to all participants for their enthusiastic engagement and priceless insights. Your presence made the day truly memorable! “A rewarding day that boosted my motivation” “Amazing opportunity to witness multiculturality in KPMG Luxembourg ” “The best recruitment process I've experienced so far!” Interested in joining KPMG Luxembourg? Apply now: Job Search (

  • Company life

    KPMG Values

    At KPMG Luxembourg, we live our values ! Today, let's focus on Integrity. Integrity is KPMG's Guiding Light – it's our foundation. In every aspect of our work, from audits to advisory services, integrity guides our actions and decisions. What Integrity Means Integrity is about doing what's right, even when it's difficult. It's the cornerstone of trust and credibility, essential in the business world where reputation is paramount. Why Integrity Matters At KPMG, integrity builds trust with clients, earns respect from peers, and fosters loyalty among our people. It's what sets us apart in a competitive landscape. Integrity in Practice Our commitment to integrity shines through in our rigorous standards, ethical guidelines, and the unwavering integrity of our professionals. It's evident in the precision of our audits and the impartiality of our advice. The Impact of Integrity Integrity creates a culture of trust, collaboration, and excellence. It's the driving force behind lasting relationships and enduring success. A Non-Negotiable Value At KPMG, integrity isn't optional – it's essential. As we navigate the complexities of the business world, integrity remains our guiding principle. In conclusion, integrity is not just a value for KPMG – it's our compass, guiding us toward excellence and ethical leadership in everything we do. Click below to learn more about our #values !

  • Meeting

    Finance Works for WoMEn

    At KPMG Luxembourg, we want more women like YOU in finance!  Embrace a thrilling opportunity to discover how to invest in yourself, build your network and grow professionally with us! Take part in our #FinanceWorksForWomen day! Monday, 6 May 39 Av. John F. Kennedy, 1855 Luxembourg You will have the unique chance to:   hear from inspiring leaders and industry professionals gain new skills to build your career in finance network with international students and ambassadors learn about intercultural diversity and inclusion discover #TeamBlue opportunities Apply now :